Fantasmic Testing Underway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday, we noticed some increased activity at the Fantasmic theater.

First, we noticed that the towers that rise at the beginning of the show were extended and some show lighting was turned on. This was our first indication that something might be happening at the theater, but it wasn’t until after the park closed as we were waiting for the Disney Skyliner that we we noticed some extensive testing underway. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Here’s a look at what we could see of the stage towers while in the extended queue for Tower of Terror.

After the park closed, we saw Disney performing a few different lighting tests. Of course, we couldn’t see what was happening within the theater itself, so there’s no telling how extensive the testing was, but we could see Disney playing with the lighting. Maybe it’s just because we haven’t seen the show in a while, but the beams of light definitely seemed stronger and more striking than we remember them being from before the parks closed. Perhaps the testing we saw last night was part of the recently filed permits to perform construction on the Fantasmic island stage.

It’s exciting to see some testing now underway for two nighttime shows – Harmonious and Fantasmic. Yesterday, exclusively reported that Disney was selling corporate packages for Harmonious that included a private reception and viewing for dates in October. While we’re seeing some progress at various nighttime show venues, Disney has not announced the return of nighttime shows at this time.

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  1. I really miss all the shows!!! We’ve been back twice since the re-opening and it just wasn’t the same without the shows….

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