Masks on at Tables: Disney World Tightens Face Covering Requirements While Dining

    A recent update to the Walt Disney World website is tightening face covering requirements while dining. The update was made today and will likely be enforced immediately. Shout out to Brooke Geiger McDonald for first spotting the changes.

    Here’s the updated language, compared to the previous wording:

    Face coverings for each Guest age 2 and up, which must be worn in all public areas and can only be removed while actively eating or drinking. Face coverings must be worn while standing, waiting or sitting in dining locations.
    Disney World website, retrieved 2/26/2021

    Here’s the previous language:

    Face coverings for each Guest age 2 and up, which must be worn in all public areas—including while entering and exiting dining locations—and can be removed while eating or drinking
    Walt Disney World website, retrieved 2/25/2021

    As you can see, Disney really wants to ensure that guests are keeping their masks on at all times when they are not eating or drinking. The phrase “actively eating or drinking”, combined with the requirement to wear a face covering while sitting at in a dining location seems to indicate that guests must put their masks on in between bites of food.

    That said, even the header image for the dining page shows guests with their masks off during a socially distanced meet and greet with Minnie Mouse. Hopefully Disney is able to change this image, which was specifically uploaded to show a physically distanced character meet and greet under the new COVID-19 protocols. Under the newly updated language, a photo like the one Disney has on their website would not be allowed.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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    1. Oh good grief! Disney has gone too far. I think at this rate we will be selling our last DVC contract. Florida numbers are down, they have no reason to make guests visits even more miserable and inconvenient.

    2. Amy – no reason? How about to prevent Florida numbers from *going back up* again? I think it would be best if you sell your DVC contract; your degree of logic exhibited makes it a risk to others for *you* to leave the house.

      Also, just a friendly reminder – but you don’t *always* have to play the victim card. You aren’t being oppressed; you’re ignorant. They’re different.

    3. I have a feeling guests won’t be required to mask up between bites, only that masks will have to be worn at the table until food or drink orders arrive, and after you are finished actually eating your meal.

    4. This is ridiculous! We have been to WDW 4 times since August. It is ridiculous to sit at a socially distanced table and still have to wear a mask . We had no issues and followed all safety rules each visit. This is going too far! We have also visited Universal without any issues and they are certainly not as over the top as Disney.

    5. Robert: Riiiight, because those are the *only* two options. Thanks for your expert opinion, rooted entirely in science and facts. Keep watching the CNN fear porn for 12 hours a day.

    6. Nate, I would recommend googling “Dunning-Kruger effect” and then taking the remainder of the day to contemplate how it might apply to you.

    7. I don’t see what the big deal is. I keep my mask on until my food is served anyway, put my mask back on anytime the server approaches the table, and mask up again once I’m done eating/ waiting for the check. It’s really not that difficult, and gives me peace of mind.

    8. I suspect the concern is over the more contagious variants now gaining ground. Behavior you were able to get away with before may get you in trouble. Disney wants to keep it so that people will continue being able to complain they visited multiple times with no Covid problems.

    9. I wear my mask until my food arrives and only take it off to eat and drink and as soon as I’m completely finished I put my mask back on while I wait for my bill. I do this at all restaurants. How hard is this and why can’t anyone see that the more everyone helps to fix the problem the sooner them problem and subside and it go away. Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solutions

    10. In the world we live in now the only way to get someone attention is to get in their pocketbook I love disney but will not go and were a mask in 90 degree weather maybe the mask will go away when Bob becomes the ambassador to China

    11. Oh okay Johnny.

      You’re just the type that essentially like to have some false moral high ground in telling people what to do.

      I’m sure you’d wear a butt plug with a mickey head on it if they told you too. Sheep

    12. Also. Mike with the click bait.

      Just off the phone with the Disney rep and they said this is a 100% lie. You do not pull down your mask between bites.

      I reported this blog to them and they said they will be reaching out to tell Mike to stop spreading false information.

    13. If you don’t like it don’t go! No one is forcing anyone to take a vacation there. Think about everyone around you and not just yourself. I will wear my mask anywhere and anytime for you and your family. Wear yours for us!

    14. Was there in January. I suspect this is as much about getting people to eat and move along as it is anything else. Mask compliance almost 100%, really wasn’t a big deal.

      Many people are using the limited seating as a break area. The trays sit there, empty, a they chat and stuff. If you’re finished eating you need to make room for others. Simple as that. This isn’t a time for the leisurely meal, there just isn’t enough room for that.

      And quit with the fear mongering about ventilators and all of that. People are killed accidentally, on purpose, die of natural causes and other diseases every single day. Life is terminal, might as well enjoy it while you can!

    15. “More stupidity from Disney, even more reason not to give them a penny of my money.”

      Yes, I am sure Disney decided in a meeting that this was the best way to lower profits, because that is what C suite people do in meetings.

      Not a fan of the change, but I have the funniest feeling that Disney thinks this will make people feel safer and increase indoor dining and increase profits. Just a crazy guess. I do know that a lot of people have access to marketing research to which Disney is not privy.

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