Fantasmic Won’t Return Until 2022

    A new rumor is in to following the announcement that fireworks will return to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT in July. In an earlier article that we wrote for the (at the time) rumored return of fireworks, we teased that we’d have some more updates on other Walt Disney World nighttime entertainment. sources have indicated that Fantasmic will not be opening in 2021, and that Disney still has quite a bit of work to do to the theater following more than a year of downtime. We’ve seen multiple permits for the Fantasmic amphitheater, and it is anticipated that some long-overdue work will start later this Fall and extend into 2022, reopening to guests when upgrades, retraining, and maybe even some show modifications have been completed. The Fantasmic lagoon has been drained since shortly after the Disney World theme parks closed last summer for COVID-19 and has not been refilled since then.

    Just like our then rumor about the early July return of fireworks, any information provided about Fantasmic in this article should be treated as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

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    1. often, construction projects leave permits open to continue to do work beyond “opening”. Not sure if it’s a solid basis for a prediction. Could be true though.

      • We’re not basing this rumor on permits – the permits are simply a tangible indicator that work is taking place. The rumor is based on what our sources have told us, and the amount of work that needs to be done before the theater can open

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