Magic Kingdom Fireworks Launch Site Sustains Damage Following Late Night Fire

A backstage area reportedly caught fire last night at Magic Kingdom during the after hours fireworks launches taking place for the 50th Anniversary special to air on ABC this October. As we reported yesterday, the fireworks launches were to take place after the park closed as a supplement for performances from Christina Aguilera and Halle Bailey.

During the fireworks display, sources indicated that a fire broke out in the eastern (left) side of the fireworks launch site seen below in a Google Maps screenshot. The fireworks launch site, which is more than 1,000ft behind Magic Kingdom, is getting repaired this evening, and the fire is likely the cause of the cancellation of fireworks for tonight’s showing of Happily Ever After.

Google Maps view of Magic Kingdom fireworks launch site

As you can see in the video below, a fire broke out near the service area north of Magic Kingdom where Disney is doing a significant amount of land clearing to support new fireworks launch sites.

Disney and the Reedy Creek Improvement District have not responded to requests for comment.

UPDATE: Check out our video below of Happily Ever After presented without fireworks on August 31, 2021.

VIDEO: Happily Ever After Presented Without Fireworks Following Backstage Fire, Damage to Launch Site
Happily Ever After was presented with NO FIREWORKS following a backstage fire and damage to the launch site at Magic Kingdom

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