Refurbishment Pace Quickens at Fantasmic Theater; Disney Remains Silent on Reopening

Thanks to new photos from bioreconstruct, we have a look at the ongoing refurbishment of the Fantasmic theater and infrastructure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As a reminder, sources have indicated that Fantasmic won’t reopen until 2022, and the current state of the theater appears to support a 2022 timeline given how much work is taking place.

Fantasmic Won’t Return Until 2022
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As you can see in the aerial photo below, extensive work is taking place on not only the theater, but also show elements like the Maleficent dragon and Steamboat Willie ship. The ship is particularly striking because it appears to be completely stripped down for refurbishment.

It’s worth noting again that while we have reported that the show won’t return until 2022, Disney has not made any official statements. Any information we have shared should be treated as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

Disney has announced a flurry of holiday-timeframe offerings, and even the return of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show in Hollywood Studios, but has not mentioned Fantasmic in any of the press releases.

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