By the Numbers: Spaceship Earth Points of Light

    First hinted at in November 2020, Spaceship Earth’s new nighttime lighting package is one of the best enhancements to come from the 50th Anniversary so far. Of course, whenever we talk about the Spaceship Earth nighttime lighting package, we have to differentiate between Points of Light and Beacons of Magic.

    Points of Light are the physical light fixtures that were installed permanently on Spaceship Earth. Beacons of Magic is the specific nighttime “show” on Spaceship Earth for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration. All four Walt Disney World theme parks received a Beacons of Magic nighttime light show, whereas only Spaceship Earth received physical infrastructure that will last beyond the 50th Anniversary. With that distinction, let’s take a look at the Spaceship Earth Points of Light: by the numbers.

    There are 1,861 individual Points of Light installed on Spaceship Earth, and there are roughly 60 miles of cable installed for the project.

    There are more than 11,000 side-firing beams that produce lights that create the starburst effects.

    In addition to the integrated Points of Light fixtures, lights from 14 different locations shine on Spaceship Earth to assist with the lighting package.

    Overall, the system is capable of generating more than 30 million lumens of light – equivalent to more than 35,000 standard light bulbs.

    So far, Disney has done two special event light shows – one for the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, and one for the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

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