Disney World Removes Park Hopping Hours from My Disney Experience App

    UPDATE (4/27): Park Hopper hours are back. Our original article continues below.

    Disney World has recently removed the Park Hopping hours from within the My Disney Experience app. As of publish time, it’s unclear if the removal is a glitch or not. Communicating park hopping hours to guests via the official app is as crucial of an aspect of your day as communicating regular park hours.

    Ever since park hopping returned in January 2021, Disney World has imposed park hopping restrictions on their guests. Most notably, guests are not allowed to park hop to another park until 2pm. At first, it was communicated that this restriction was put in place to allow Disney to “continue managing attendance in a way that fosters physical distancing”. Now, the practice serves no practical purpose to benefit a paying guest.

    Here’s a look at the recent change under the park hours section of the My Disney Experience app (iOS).

    Dear Disney: Please Let Us Park Hop
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    Disney World has not announced any official changes to its Park Hopper policy, and the 2pm restriction remains in place. The Disney World website still shows the 2pm restriction on park hopping despite the removal from the My Disney Experience app.

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    1. If it’s not a glitch. I hope that’s a sign that park hopping can happen any time after tapping into your original park reservation

      • Oh I pray you are right.. I understand the reason to limit it BUT 2 pm is a killer for those of use that don’t want to plan every hour of every day at the park!!

    2. It would be nice if they got rid of the stupid reservation requirement. After spending all that money it’s not worth it to have to jump through hoops and don’t get me started on the genie pass crap. They need to bring the old Disney back. The magic is gone and the prices are ridiculous. Universal will get my money until Disney can come to their senses.

    3. For those that think it could be a good sign, don’t get your hopes up. Disney has been nothing but a disappointment the last few months.

    4. When the hours disappear there’s a park hopper pause in effect as the park is nearing capacity so you can’t hop. When the hours come back the pause has ended and you’re good to go.

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