Sneak Peek: Speakeasy Door Installed, Batuu Bounty Hunters MagicBand+ Interaction Panel Revealed in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    With plans to roll out the MagicBand+ this summer at Walt Disney World, Disney has recently completed the construction of the MagicBand+ interaction panel that will support the Batuu Bounty Hunters game within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    While the panel remains off-limits to guests, we have a sneak peek past the hedges that block it until the MagicBand+ debuts.

    When it opens, the Batuu Bounty Hunters game will use haptics and lights on the MagicBand+ to help guests locate virtual bounties within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The MagicBand+ will act as a sort of “hot and cold” system, changing colors based on proximity to the virtual bounty.

    When you’ve completed your tasks, you will return to inform the local guild master, who will reward you with galactic credits. Guests can also use the Play Disney Parks mobile app to help them reveal their virtual bounty using the app’s built-in augmented reality thermal viewer.

    Nearby, a doorway has been redesigned and players will be able to see the eyes of the guild master through the vent of the speakeasy door.

    There is clearly an area to scan your MagicBand+ and unlock the interaction.

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