Florida Senate Passes Bill to Nullify Disney World’s Reedy Creek Development Agreement

    The gears of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ machine to retaliate against Disney continue to turn despite a lawsuit from Disney naming DeSantis and his hand-selected Board members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD). Last night just before 7pm, the Florida Senate passed SB 1604, a land use bill that contains a narrowly written amendment to allow a key Development Agreement between Disney World and the District to be undone.

    The Development Agreement that is targeted in SB 1604 is the same Development Agreement that DeSantis’ CFTOD Board of Supervisors declared void yesterday morning. Minutes after the contract was declared void, Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis and the Board members.

    BREAKING: Walt Disney World Sues Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
    The Walt Disney Company filed a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claiming “a targeted campaign of government retaliation”

    The bill will make its way over to the Florida House next, where Republicans are likely to continue to do the bidding of DeSantis and push the legislation through.

    The Development Agreement broadly gives Walt Disney World a final say on how much of Reedy Creek’s land will and should be built over the next decade. While Disney has power in developing land, CFTOD retains much of its limited government powers such as being able to impose taxes, build and maintain roadways, eminent domain, and other powers. However, DeSantis and his hand-selected Board were not happy that they don’t have land development rights. DeSantis has even floated the idea of building a prison or other theme parks on CFTOD land.

    As the CFTOD and Florida Legislature move to try and void the contracts between Disney World and the District, Disney is continuing the fight in court.

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    1. It’s over. This will be Iger’s legacy- the stain that won’t go away. He had every opportunity to stop this when he took over from Chapek. Instead, Iger chose to escalate the war with DeSantis and the Florida legislators. Very bad and stupid move– that’s our egotism for you.

      • Have you just not been paying attention or do you drink the Republican Kool-Aid so much that reality doesn’t exist for you? Iger tried to diffuse the situation many times. Ron is an obsessed egotistical weirdo who cares more about showing off than taking care of Florida. It will hurt him in the long run.

    2. So a company that has a majority share holder who is transgendered should allow a thin skinned Trump clone to force feed them “the truth”??? No my friend this is America where freedom lives….not where freedom dies. Desantis is a bully and needs to be stopped. He’s also afraid of losing the Republican presidential primary…. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a bill floating in the Senate that would allow him to run for president without his resignation as governor.

    3. Your American politicians have a Napoleon complex. Started with Trump and now Ronny is trying the same. You have to do a better job with your elected officials.

    4. DeSantis violated the constitution to attack a company for free speech that provides 1/4 of the states tax revenue, and you think you are at Iger’s level and should advise him? Compare the lifelong success of him to yourself and DeSantis. Get real dude!

    5. I think it is sad that these two men cannot sit down and talk with the goal of “lets agree on a resolution”.

    6. DeSantis has bitten off more than he can chew. The cats are out of the bag. He’s made a mess of this, and is too weak to reign it in; probably doesn’t even know how ro begin. He needs to turn around, and walk away. It’s utterly the epitome of stupid for him to mess with the state’s largest employer, who has paid over a billion dollars in taxes annually. What a coward. Should resign, shouldn’t run for president. Needs to go away, and take trump with him to secluded bully island, never to return.

    7. Rhonda is ridiculous. This is a fight that thin skinned, bully on steroids will never ever win. What are we all going to do if Disney starts cutting hours, laying off employees in mass and raising ticket prices so high ppl stop coming? 75% of tourism in Fla is Disney related. 12Billion last year in income to the state plus hundreds of millions in taxes. It’s time for him to go. #RECALL RON

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