Oversight District Board Member Michael Sasso Visits Magic Kingdom Amidst Battle With Disney World

    The Most Magical Place on Earth. Tens of millions of guests visit Walt Disney World every year and for many of those guests, the magic of Walt Disney World is what entices them to visit year after year. As it turns out, the magic of Walt Disney World calls no matter if you’re a family from Denver or DeSantis’ hand-selected member of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District that is actively working against Walt Disney World.

    Michael Sasso, Vice-Chair of the Board of Supervisors for the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), visited Magic Kingdom this past weekend while in the midst of a battle with Walt Disney World. Sasso and other Board members have been working over the last month to undo a contract between Disney World and the CFTOD that they say is illegal and unconstitutional. As Sasso and other Board members work to undermine and impact Disney World operations, he visited Magic Kingdom recently to enjoy what millions of guests hope he and other Board members don’t destroy.

    Michael Sasso at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

    Sasso was allegedly spotted on the Walt Disney World Railroad in an image sent into BlogMickey.com. It was relayed that he was visiting with other families as they enjoyed a day at Magic Kingdom this past weekend. BlogMickey.com reached out to Sasso multiple times, but Sasso did not respond to a request for comment.

    Sasso joins a number of other government officials who have publically fought against Walt Disney World while privately enjoying the theme parks. Back in February, just minutes after the bill passed to allow the state to take over control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, Republican Senator Travis Hutson announced to the Senate that he would have to leave early for a trip to Walt Disney World.

    Before Hutson and Sasso, Republican Rep. Randy Fine had his own display of hypocrisy when attacking Disney World last summer as one of the top proponents of the original piece of legislation to dismantle the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Fine had previously boasted that his selfie from in front of Cinderella Castle was reposted by Disney’s social media accounts (via Orlando Sentinel). However, once Disney exercised its First Amendment rights against a bill that Fine was pushing, he, like those after him, changed his tone pretty quickly in an effort to punish Disney World and defend Ron DeSantis.

    This morning, Sasso and fellow Board members will instruct their legal counsel to “terminate” and “strike from the record” a contract between Disney World and Reedy Creek. If successful, Sasso would be a key player in undermining more than 50 years of precedent that has allowed Disney to create magic in Central Florida – all while he enjoys Magic Kingdom and the magic of Walt Disney World with his family.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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      • As a fellow bald man, I wholeheartedly agree with you about said travesty. And the blond highlights? Fire the colorist and the stylist both!

    1. Well isn’t that nice? The d-bags who are against Disney are seen enjoying the magic of Disney theme parks. Oh, the hypocrisy.

      Disney can sometimes be too nice. Personally, I would have used the Reservation System to find these f**ks and their families, issue a refund, and ban them from the parks, forever.

    2. Why are you taking sides on this story? You write “undermine and impact Disney World operations”. That simply is not true. You should report facts. I don’t see anyone trying to undermine Disney. This may turn out to be a benefit for Disney. I have been reading your website for years. I am disappointed in you.

      • He is reporting on the truth in forever of this article because you’re Overlord DeSantis, that you bow down to is simply retaliating against Disney for having an opened opinion thanks to free speech in this country about how they feel about LGBTQ rights, and they have every right to take a stand and see how they feel about it and if they don’t agree with it, they don’t agree with it. What good is it DeSantis punishing them it’s not going to change how Disney feels about it it’s not gonna change anything. The only thing it’s going to do is affect the taxpayers in Florida and it’s going to extend everybody in a very bad way, in the end, it’s going to end very bad if this little man just a little angry man, DeSantis doesn’t stop it and it’s people like you who think it’s OK what he’s doing because you probably hate transgender‘s to because people like you and him are just hateful people so you have a problem with it just stop going to Disney World because we don’t need people like you there !!

    3. His hair is proof that money does not buy taste. This haircut deserves to be viral. Who is his wife?

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