DeSantis’ Oversight District Officially Files Lawsuit Against Walt Disney World

    Following their announcement earlier today about intentions to file a lawsuit against Walt Disney World, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) has officially filed a lawsuit in Orange County. The lawsuit names the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District as the Plaintiff and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc as the Defendant.

    In the 188-page document, the CFTOD eventually lands on asking the Court to declare the Development Agreement at the heart of this legal battle as void, unenforceable, and/or invalid. They also ask for the Restrictive Covenants to similarly be thrown out by the Court. The CFTOD also asks the Court to prevent Disney from enforcing the Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants.

    The lengthy complaint outlines 9 counts of contention, covering many of the contract issues that have been covered in hours of presentations at previous Board of Supervisor meetings. From a failure to mail notice to affected property owners to an alleged unlawful delegation of government authority to a private entity to violations of Florida Statutes.

    The lawsuit says that the agreements and contracts between Disney World and the CFTOD are “not even worth the paper they were printed on”.

    In federal court, Disney World has already filed a lawsuit asking the Court to find that the Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants are valid and enforceable, among other requests for relief.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his rubber-stamp legislature are working on getting a bill through the Florida Senate and House that would effectively void the Development Agreement between Disney World and the CFTOD.

    Disney World has not returned requests for comments on today’s action from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board of Supervisors.

    Here’s a partial look at the 188-page document, with exhibits removed, but the complaint contained in full.

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