DeSantis’ Oversight District Administrator Says Morale Has Improved Since New Board Took Control

    At a meeting this morning, Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Administrator Glen Gilzean seemingly took on reports that morale at the District has dipped. A report from local news reporter Jason Garcia said that outgoing employees at the District have called the operations “toxic” and one employee said that “…the morale and overall feeling of the District has taken a turn. Not a good one”.

    In comments this morning, Gilzean said that “morale in the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has also increased as my open door policy continues to be used by staff members who have met with me directly”. Gilzean said that he has met with multiple departments, which he says has “increased morale within the District”.

    According to Garcia’s original report, more than 350 years of combined institutional knowledge has been lost due to dozens of employees leaving the District after DeSantis installed his own hand-picked Board of Supervisors earlier this year.

    Dozens of employees have left the District this summer, and there was another retirement announced today of a paramedic with 20 years of service in the District.

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    1. Why should anyone be surprised that an installed Desantis lackie is saying this? Anything to save face and to pretend they are doing a good job. Even though they were only installed to punish Disney for condemning an overreaching, culture war law. “…or developmentally appropriate (about line 101 of the bill)” enabled the law to be applied after third grade.

      Hopefully Desantis supporters stop pretending they are for free speech, or small government. Because Desantis has proven he’s for neither. And is in favor of using the government to punish (or cancel) organizations who disagree with him.

    2. This guy is a disgrace. I can’t believe he thought he could take on Disney when he hasn’t even figured out how to take on HS students who school him daily on history,law, and ethics.

    3. DeSantis has already won. Disney is losing big money with their streaming services etc. Disney is also going to spend billions at WDW Florida.

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