Peppers Return to Native American Village Along Rivers of America in Magic Kingdom

    While riding the Walt Disney World Railroad, we noticed something a bit more colorful than what we’re used to in the Native American village. Now, we can’t exactly say that this find is “new” because a bit of research shows that the change took place sometime this summer, but if a tree falls in the forest…

    What did we spot? Peppers. Why does this matter? A princess is moving in just around the river bend and she has an employee-owned cooperative called Tiana’s Foods that relies on peppers. Back in February, Disney announced that part of the Tiana’s Foods brand was a line of original hot sauce, and released the following logo.

    As the story goes, Tiana received the help of her mother Eudora, Naveen, Louis and fellow owners of the cooperative to revive the old salt mine and the surrounding land, growing a wide array of vegetables, herbs, and spices for her recipes.

    The multi-faceted enterprise turned the aging salt mine into a space that has come alive. Complete with a boutique farm and both a working and teaching kitchen, Tiana’s Foods is where Tiana and her colleagues create all sorts of new products that they are bringing to the world, including a line of original hot sauces.

    In fact, if we look at the poster below from the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction walls, we’ll see the four types of peppers that recently returned to the Native American Village.

    While doing a bit of research for this article, we noticed that the peppers are not necessarily brand new to the set. In fact, there used to be a more limited variety of peppers years and years ago, but they were removed sometime in 2013-2014 from what we can tell.

    If we had to guess, and this hasn’t been disseminated by Disney World or Imagineering, the colorful fruit has returned to the Native American Village to build out a bit of subconscious storytelling for guests visiting Magic Kingdom. After all, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure takes place in the same Frontierland that the Native American village is set in, so it would make sense that they both have access to the same peppers.

    Here’s a look at the peppers at the back of the village, visible from the Walt Disney World Railroad.

    After we spotted those peppers from the train, we decided to hop on the Liberty Square Riverboat to see if the other half of the Native American Village had any new peppers. Sure enough, we spotted some!

    What do you think? Pure coincidence, or do these peppers have some sort of tie-in with the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction just around the river bend? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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