DeSantis’ Oversight District Files Protective Order Aiming to Prevent Disney from Questioning Board Members

    Lawyers for the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District have filed Motions for Protective Orders, preventing Disney from carrying out depositions of the District’s Board of Supervisors. The protective orders were filed last night, just three days before former Board Chairman Martin Garcia was scheduled to be deposed. The District argues that members of the Board of Supervisors are protected by the apex doctrine, which aims to prevent depositions of high-ranking corporate officers.

    These are the scheduled deposition dates and times for each of the current and former Board Members:

    • Martin Garcia (former Board Chairman) | March 22nd at 9am
    • Charbel Barakat, Vice-Chairman | April 2nd at 9am
    • Ron Peri | April 2nd at 1pm
    • Bridget Ziegler | April 3rd at 9am
    • Brian Aungst, Jr. | April 11th at 9am
    • Michael Sasso (former Board Member) | April 12th at 9am

    The District says “Disney has not articulated any reasons why it presumes the right to summon these high-level government officers into depositions in the coming weeks”.

    The District says that each Board member has submitted an affidavit explaining that they don’t have unique, personal knowledge of the issues being litigated.

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    1. Oh? So the Tourism Oversight Board is exempt from “Government in the Sunshine” traditions going back to Reuben Askew, or before? So the Tourism Board can cut and run away from scrutiny? Could the old Orlando/Orange Expressway Authority run away from toll charge mismanagement queries years ago? Ask some of them how well they escaped citizen and law enforcement oversight, if you can sort out all those blue jump suits inside cell block D. Hardy-har-har to any and all Sunshine State corrupt bureaucrats in the gallery of Crocodile Tears (or Gator/Seminole/Knight tears, etc.)

      • Board members have already provided Disney with affidavits claiming the have no unique knowledge and the claims being litigated. You are making claims that don’t even pertain to the litigation. Prove what claims you are making.

        Face it. Disney illegally controlled RCID and got them to spend over $700 million of taxpayers money on garages that only Disney can use, along with a lot of other illegal items, such as giving RCID employee passes to the park, which is something no other people could get, except Disney employees. Big problem there as RCID employees are government employee. The list goes on and on.

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