New Class of Dino Institute Interns Now Entertaining Guests at Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom

    A new entertainment offering recently debuted in DinoLand USA, and we stopped by Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check it out! As the story goes, a Dino Institute intern is on break and decides to head over to Restaurantosaurus with his guitar until his shift starts again. You might find him wandering around the lounge area of the quick-service restaurant on select days over the next few months.

    Trading a shovel for a guitar, the Dino Institute intern is always on the lookout for the next earworm of a song and is eager to put together some lyrics with the help of guests. Of course, if singing isn’t completely your thing, the intern is always happy to talk dinosaurs and all things DinoLand USA as well!

    We’ve actually spotted a few different interns over a couple of visits to Restaurantosaurus Lounge as the new class of interns settles into a new gig in DinoLand USA!

    The offering is an interesting one from Disney. In an era where streetmosphere-style entertainment is severely lacking in the parks, it’s wonderful to see an all-new offering like this get a green light. Of course, not only is the addition of the offering quite interesting, but so is the placement. As Disney’s Animal Kingdom continues its 2.0 transformation, there are rumors that DinoLand USA is on the verge of its own extinction-level event as a Tropical Americas retheme begins early preparation work.

    Between now and extinction, you’ll find us at the lounge happily sipping a Carnotaurus Meteoritis, waiting for the asteroid to hit, and enjoying some music and fun vibes thanks to the Dino Institute intern.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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