Jungle Cruise Closing in Late August for Possibly Lengthy Refurbishment at Magic Kingdom

    The Jungle Cruise attraction at Magic Kingdom will be closed starting August 26th for a refurbishment. An end date has not been announced.

    Jungle Cruise Closure

    Back in April, we covered the filing of a Notice of Commencement permit for underwater work at the Jungle Cruise attraction. The permit lists an end date of October 2025, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Jungle Cruise attraction will be closed for more than a year. That said, a permit with an end date that far into the future typically signals that there is a lot of work to be done.

    Disney World has announced that the Jingle Cruise will return this holiday season, and Jungle Cruise is listed as an available attraction for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Those announcements are always subject to change.

    BlogMickey.com has reached out to Disney World for more details and we will keep you updated if they respond.

    Underwater Engineering Services Inc. is tapped to do the work, but the permit only lists “general construction” as the scope. In lieu of actual information in the permit, we turn to the UESI website, which says “Our services cover assets located both above and below the water and support operating facilities as well as facilities undergoing decommissioning”.

    It’s possible that after more than 50 years of operation, the Jungle Cruise is due for some underwater work such as corrosion control, new construction, inspections, repairs, or similar work.

    it’s unlikely that any changes to the show scenes will take place during the work. Walt Disney Imagineering is not the owner of the permit. Instead, it’s Disney World’s facility management team.

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    1. Wonderful. Now we will have double the wait at Pirates. Dang. So many closures. Park is getting old so I get it. But maybe if they did little micro closures over the years they wouldn’t need a year to do whatever it is they are doing.


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