Woody’s Lunch Box Restaurant in Toy Story Land

Let’s step into Andy’s backyard and explore Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In our Woody’s Lunch Box restaurant guide, we’ll help you plan your visit to Toy Story Land and help you eat your way through Andy’s backyard.

Opening DateMay 31, 2008
Food TypeAmerican
Restaurant TypeQuick Service
Meal PeriodBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ReservationsNot Accepted
Mobile OrderYes, recommended
Character DiningNo
Disney Dining PlanYes, quick-service credit

Woody’s Lunch Box Restaurant Location

Woody’s Lunch Box is located in the middle of Toy Story Land.

Woody’s Lunch Box Location
Woody's Lunch Box restaurant location
Woody’s Lunch Box Location

As the name might suggest, you’re looking for an oversized lunch box to grab a bite. That said, it might be the giant K’NEX tower or book that first catches your eye.

Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - theming
Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - theming
Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - theming

Woody’s Lunch Box Review and Best Bites

Featuring some classic lunch items, Woody’s Lunch Box features some wonderful bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For our full Woody’s Lunch Box Review, check out our post below.

Theming and Story

Just like all of the other attractions and experiences in Toy Story Land, Woody’s Lunch Box features oversized toys and things that Andy might have lying around to create a theme park land in his own backyard.

In the middle of all the fun, Andy has taken his vintage Woody-themed lunch box and propped it open with a thermos, turning it into a walk-up window where his toys can grab a bite to eat. From a nearby tower, green army men stand at the ready, keeping watch for Andy’s return.

Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - theming

The theming of the area is fun and colorful, like the rest of Toy Story Land. Green Army men scattered throughout the space make for a fun setting. Of course, there’s a decent amount of oversized Babybel cheese laying around as they are the official snack cheese of Walt Disney World (a partnership that began with Toy Story Land).

Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - theming

Best Bites at Woody’s Lunch Box

If you don’t have time to read through the full review above, here are our favorites from Woody’s Lunch Box!

  • Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich – Provolone, Cheddar and Cheddar Cream Cheese Spread

If you felt like skimming over a grilled cheese sandwich, this is worth of a second look. Served warm, this is, without a doubt, the cheesiest, softest, most perfect grilled cheese I’ve ever encountered at Disney or anywhere else. As if melted provolone and cheddar aren’t enough, the cheddar cream cheese spread makes this the closest you’ll find to a perfect grilled cheese.

Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - grilled cheese
Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - grilled cheese
  • Totchos – Potato Barrels (tots), Corn Chips, Chilli and Cheese

We have arrived. Out of anything announced for Toy Story Land, the totchos was the item I met with the most anticipation. Ever since our loaded tots experience at Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom, I’ve been wanting Disney to continue trying combinations of tots. The totchos are the fully realized vision of loaded tots at Walt Disney World. The full-bodied chilli was present in every bite and we noticed that the tots here were much better than what we encountered as a side dish. For $8.99, this is a solid dish that might work best during the two days of actual winter that Orlando experiences.

Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - totchos
Woody's Lunch Box restaurant - totchos

Woody’s Lunch Box Tips

Just like most eateries, you’ll want to try and visit during “off” hours for the lowest waits. With an outdoor, uncovered switchback queue leading up to only two registers (!!!), it’s an unpleasant wait.

Mobile Order!

If you’re going to eat at Woody’s Lunch Box, we strongly recommend using Mobile Order. With limited seating in an outdoor setting, it would be best to start scoping out seating while you’re waiting for your mobile order to be fulfilled and then send one from your party to collect the food while you wait at your table.

Woody’s Lunch Box News

Here is the latest news about Woody’s Lunch Box at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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