While we are in the process of writing up our reviews of all of the new offerings at the 2017 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, one stuck out the most and deserved to be the first review of the festival. Light Lab, one of the new “kiosks” available at the 2017 Food and Wine Festival, is located in a flex space in Innoventions West. Due to our excitement, we decided to “rope drop” the experience as we kicked off our culinary tour around Epcot. Let’s take a look.

Signage for the experience is hard to miss once you’ve made your way to Innoventions West (the side of Innoventions near Club Cool, Starbucks, and The Land).

Don’t adjust your screens, it’s about to get colorful as we enter the experimental Light Lab!

The space is nicely laid out, with a few standing tables and a merchandise area.


There is a lot to unpack in here. Focusing on the decor first, we quickly realize that we just stepped into an experiment of sorts. Scientists are currently experimenting with both light and taste in an effort to bring the senses together to create a whole new experience.

Test tubes and beakers are everywhere and it becomes difficult to tell if they’re holding liquids, lights, or a combination of both. While the lighting is harsh, there are no effects or strobes to worry about in the room.

Even the straw dispenser has been modified.

An “Experiments in Progress” sign adds to the feel of the room.

Posters around the room are extremely detailed and fun to look at.

Food and Drink

Now onto a review of the food and drink on offer at Light Lab.

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available in addition to a doughn…no, a Glownut! Note that the Glownut is a limited time offer. We’ll be back to check on its availability as the festival progresses.

First up is T=C^2: Vanilla Tonic Water and Cotton Candy. This is one of two non-alcoholic offerings and definitely the least enjoyable of the bunch. It basically amouted to sugar water.

Next up was the RGB. This was served to us in liquid form, but it should come as a frozen slush moving forward. It was delicious, light, and crisp and I can’t wait to head back to check it out as a slush.

The Bleu Spectrum rounded out the drinks and was a nice blueberry sparkling wine that came served over boba pearls.

Moving onto the only food item on offer, we find ourselves face-to-face with The Glownut. The Glownut was a fairly standard doughnut as far as flavor is concerned in a large helping. Don’t let the photo deceive you, it’s not served on a “standard” size Disney plate, but it is a nice shareable size.

Light Lab is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a fun and wonderfully executed experience that is completely unexpected. I’d highly recommend paying it a visit during your Food and Wine adventures and will definitely be back in the future!