REVIEW: S’mores Brownie at Dockside Diner in Hollywood Studios

While visiting Hollywood Studios last night we stopped by Dockside Diner to check out the S’mores Brownie on offer.

S’mores Brownie – $4.79

Billed as a double-chocolate brownie, the dessert also came with toasted graham cracker and marshmallows.

The brownie came served somewhat warm, but would really benefit from a quick reheat prior to serving. As far as flavor is concerned, it definitely lives up to its double-chocolate name, with a rich chocolate flavor throughout. The brownie itself was moist and dense. Adding to the chocolate flavor was a melted chocolate syrup on top. All of that chocolate ended up overpowering the marshmallow and graham cracker to the point that we couldn’t taste them when combined in a bite. All that said, it’s a nice snack in a solid portion size for under $5.


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