Disney CEO Bob Iger Reveals What Month Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Will Open in Disneyland

As part of a wide-sweeping interview with Barron’s, Disney CEO Bob Iger made quite the announcement when talking about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In a rather benign question about addressing large crowds by increasing capacity or pricing, Iger said that it’s a little bit of both. He noted that Disney is seeing more repeat visitation as well as increased length of stay. Iger noted that “when Star Wars opens in Anaheim in June and in Florida later in the year, that’s adding capacity” (emphasis added).

Millennium Falcon in Disneyland

So there you have it. You can’t get a better source than the CEO, and with an opening date narrowed down from “Summer” down to the specific month of June, that helps a lot of guests plan out their summer vacations to Disneyland.

So when in June will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge open? An exact date has yet to be announced, but it’s possible that Disney is aiming for a date as early in the month as possible. Disneyland has announced a discounted ticket for Southern California residents that expires on May 23rd, which means we could see soft openings shortly thereafter.

As always, we suggest waiting for an official opening date announcement before booking your visit, but you can now narrow it down to a June opening thanks to a statement from Disney CEO Bob Iger.

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