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We finally made it out for our Be Our Guest breakfast review! Our reservation was at 8:35am and with park opening at 9am that meant that we got into the Magic Kingdom before the gates opened. Many people prefer a pre-park opening reservation to either get “empty” park photos or get a leg up on wait times at park opening. Combining our experience with other reviews, I’m starting to think that those may be exclusive goals. More on that in a bit.

First things first, getting to the front gate. Right now the monorail is undergoing testing to become automated and the schedule always seems to be changing. Unfortunately it was down this particular morning and as a result we were funneled to the ferries. We got to the ferry around 8am and experienced lower crowds than guests who might just be going to the Magic Kingdom for the opening show.

20150802_080417 20150802_080520

I would suggest getting to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) roughly 45-60 minutes before your dining reservation time. We were only a party of two and tend to walk with a purpose. Your party is probably larger and you may even be experiencing all of this for the first time. Give yourself time to stop and smell the roses.

With the recent ban on selfie-sticks I was unable to fashion a MacGyver type device to collect enough coins to pay for breakfast.


When you make your way to the entrance you’re going to want to keep to the left side. That’s where tours and pre-park opening breakfast reservations are sent to check-in.

entrance_directions 20150802_081859 20150802_081926

After a quick scan of my MagicBand we were on our way past the couple hundred guests waiting for the opening show. The general rule of thumb is that Cast Members will let you into the park about 15 minutes prior to your reservation. If you have an 8am reservation, they will let you into the park at 7:45am. It is worth noting that the line to get into the park can get relatively long, especially for 8am reservations. However, we experienced no lines at 8:20am.



An empty Town Square and (almost) empty Main Street USA awaited us. While many would think an 8am reservation time would lead to the much coveted “empty” Main Street picture, a reservation between 8:30 and 8:45 is probably better if your goal is to get a nice picture on Main Street. If your goal is to get breakfast done and onto the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or meet with Anna and Elsa, an 8am reservation would definitely be more desirable as it will allow you enough time to finish breakfast without feeling rushed. Also worth noting is that PhotoPass photographers do line Main Street and the Hub if you’d like to use their services.

20150802_082014 20150802_082103

Let’s take a walk down Main Street USA!

Here’s the route we were funneled through back to Be Our Guest.

bog route

And a few more sights of a quiet Magic Kingdom.

20150802_082558~2 20150802_082616 20150802_082640 20150802_082648 20150802_082714 20150802_082755 20150802_082800 20150802_082826

After we checked in at the near side of the bridge we were handed a menu. Being the mediocre blogger that I claim to be, I took what I thought was a creative picture.


You’re handed a rose at check-in that can be used by Cast Members to deliver your breakfast. As we had our MagicBands on, our rose wasn’t needed and we surrendered it in the Study after we had paid for our meals.

We ordered an Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich and the Eggs Florentine. I wasn’t terribly impressed by my Bacon and Egg Sandwich. It contained poached eggs, applewood bacon, brie cheese, and an over abundance of arugula. I think what turned me off was that the toasted baguette was pretty hard and unforgiving. That said, the bacon/cheese combo was good.


The Eggs Florentine on the other hand was wonderful top to bottom. Contained in the puff pastry were scrambled eggs, spinach, and cheese. The eggs had an amazing flavor to them and the puff pastry that held the eggs was nice and soft. I would definitely order this again.


Accompanying every table is an assortment of pastries. I actually enjoyed the pastries and found myself cleaning those off while leaving some of my Bacon and Egg Sandwich on the plate.


Drinks are included in the price and self-serve stations can be found in the 3 dining rooms. While you’re welcome to as many free refills as you’d like, you get a small cup. I’ve included my torn receipt for scale.


By the time we were done with breakfast the park had opened and a significant line had formed outside of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You definitely want to get a reservation as close to 8am as possible if you want to beat the rope drop crowd to meet Anna and Elsa or your favorite Dwarfs.

After we had given up on riding something, we slowly made our way to the front of the park. Upon entering the hub I spotted the Horse-Drawn Trolley making its way in front of Cinderella’s Castle. There was no line when it stopped near the Liberty Square bridge and when we asked the Cast Member if we could catch a ride back to the front of the park she said “yes, but we have to wait for the Dapper Dans”. What better way to exit the Magic Kingdom than catching a ride with a private serenade from the Dapper Dans?! Check out a replay of our live stream below and follow us @SpotMickey on Periscope (iOS/Android) for more live streams from the parks!



Once we made it back to the entrance we took an empty ferry back to the TTC and were on our way to Animal Kingdom!

20150802_091729 20150802_092035


Overall, I would say that breakfast at Be Our Guest is worth it, if just for the early entry to the park alone. The food was good and getting into the park before it opens is a real treat. If getting into Be Our Guest has proven difficult for you, can help you get it and many other hard-to-get reservations.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below or reach out to us at @SpotMickey or

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