Pandora and Rivers of Light construction update

We made it out to Animal Kingdom yesterday afternoon to take a look at the progress of Pandora and Rivers of Light construction. First up is Pandora.

Here’s an overview of what we can see from Animal Kingdom.


A look at the floating mountain and the structure supporting it, or holding it down from floating away.


The main structure in view still has work being done on the framing and shaping of the mountain.


We can see some rock work as well as some grass being installed.

Pandora_01062016-3 Pandora_01062016-4

Pandora is still well over a year away, but Rivers of Light will debut this Spring. Let’s see how it’s coming along.

First, an overview of the whole area.

RiversOfLight_01052016-17Full size:

We can see the lighting is being installed.

RiversOfLight_01052016-1 RiversOfLight_01052016-3

A new building is being erected near the exit of Expedition Everest.


A look at some progress on what I assume will be the main show tech building.

RiversOfLight_01052016-8 RiversOfLight_01052016-13

We can also see what appear to be two different types of projectors or backlighting for the show.

RiversOfLight_01052016-5 RiversOfLight_01052016-11 RiversOfLight_01052016-10 RiversOfLight_01052016-9

Heading across the lake, we get a closer look at the ramp and seating areas.

RiversOfLight_01052016-14 RiversOfLight_01052016-16

Why this matters

The latest official info puts an opening of Pandora in 2017. Construction began on Pandora 2 years ago this Sunday. Rivers of Light will open quicker, much quicker. The show is slated to open to guests this Spring.

Both of these new offerings will bring something to Animal Kingdom that it’s never had. Nighttime operating hours. Guests currently get to see Animal Kingdom at night during longer holiday hours, earlier sunsets, and even some runDisney races, but we’ve yet to have consistent nighttime offerings.



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