REVIEW + PHOTOS: Pandora’s Best Drink and Snack Can Be Found at Pongu Pongu

We continue our sneak peek of Pandora – The World of Avatar today with a look at Pongu Pongu. As the story goes, Pongu Pongu was originally built by a former RDA employee who fell in love with the natural splendors of Pandora. Eventually, he built a place where his fellow Expats could gather and socialize. He even placed a retired RDA-era AMP suit outside the building as a sort of landmark. The Na’vi named the place, “Pongu Pongu”, which means, “Party Party,” because of all the wild and memorable times both humans and Na’vi have had together there. The owner eventually collaborated with the ACE tour company to transform this eccentric building into a place for tourists to visit and wet their whistles. Filled with Pandoran treasures and RDA relics, it has quickly become a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.


Attached to the Windtraders gift shop, and almost hidden behind a military AMP suit, the location is a walk-up window to quickly grab a drink and snack as you visit the moon of Pandora. The location blends military and “island” vibes to create a fun theme. Repurposed military signs are used creatively as directional signs at the new watering hole. You may even spot some of your favorite Imagineers on military ID tags hanging from the rafters.

Pongu Pongu menu

Pongu Pongu drinks and snack

Night Blossom – $4.99

A mixture of limeade with apple and dessert pear flavors topped with passion fruit boba balls. Can be served in a souvenir Pongu mug for $18.25. Non-alcoholic.

I loved this drink! To me it tasted very much like a Jolly Rancher and is definitely something I’ll be enjoying on future trips to Pandora. The boba balls are in high use on Pandora and this drink is served with an extra wide straw to enjoy the passion fruit flavored boba. If you’re in for a candy flavored drink, this is your best option on Pandora and probably one of my favorite drinks property-wide.

Night Blossom from Pongu Pongu

Mo’ara Margarita – $9.25

Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila with strawberry and blood orange flavors topped with strawberry boba balls. Can be served in a souvenir Pongu mug for $18.25.

If you’re looking for a surprisingly strong frozen drink to enjoy the hot summer on Pandora, this may be the drink for you. More margarita than strawberry, this drink was probably the one that led to the Na’vi naming the place “Party Party” in their native language.

Pongu Lumpia – $4.59

A pineapple cream cheese spring roll.

This one was the showstopper for me. For your $4.59, you get two rolls that are served warm and ready to enjoy! The cream cheese muted the sweetness of the pineapple just enough for you to be able to enjoy the two or three chunks you’ll get in every bite.

The Pongu Lumpia has quickly become one of my favorite quick-bites at Walt Disney World and something I can’t wait to try again.


Pongu Pongu is a fun walk-up window that has some much better than average offerings. The island vibe, background music loop, and excellent offerings make this a wonderful stop if you’re not looking for a full meal at Satu’li Canteen.

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