REVIEW: Primavera Kitchen – 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Primavera Kitchen – 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

As part of our 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival coverage, we bring you the Outdoor Kitchen review for Primavera Kitchen. Located at the Italy Pavilion, this Outdoor Kitchen features food inspired by the Old-Country.

Frittata di Asparagi – $7.00

Asparagus Frittata, Mixed Greens, and Citrus Dressing

There’s not a lot of good to be said about Primavera Kitchen, but here we go. The frittata came out dry and rubbery, not something you want to pay $7.00 for. The mixed greens were a step in the opposite direction of tasty and the circus dressing did nothing positive for the dish. It earns a pass.

Fritto Misto – $8.00

Crispy Shrimps [sic], Zucchini, and Spicy Sauces

These were edible, unlike the frittata. That said, most bites of the crispy shrimps [sic] were overly salty. The zucchini sticks were unimaginative and bland. Another pass for Primavera Kitchen.

Ravioli all’ Aragosta, Germogli di Piselli – $12.00

Maine Lobster Ravioli, Veloute Sauce, Pea Sprouts, Pear Drop Tomatoes and Salmon Roe

The review for the ravioli should just be a video of the whole group laughing for 2 minutes straight once the dish was set on the table, but I’ll use words. I would be surprised to see this dish, with this portion, remain at this price. There is a distinct lack of value before you even take your first bite.

The ravioli itself is bland and the lobster inside resembles Fancy Feast in both consistency and taste (I assume). The salmon roe on top adds little more to the palate than it does to the photo. There is no value or enjoyment in this dish, earning it a pass.

Panna Cotta al Melone – $5.50

Cantaloupe Panna Cotta

Finally, we have arrived at the “dessert”. It ended up being a gelatinous mess of cantaloupe. The first layer or two were terrible, with only a hint of enjoyment coming towards the bottom of the cup. Not worth $5.50.


Sparkling Wine and Peach Puree

We’ve arrived at the savior of Primavera Kitchen. The Bellini made it onto our list of top offerings at the festival due to its refreshing taste and wonderful peach flavors. A recommended drink for walking towards Germany for the Toasted Pretzel Bread or towards France for the macaron.

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