REVIEW: Secret Menu Loaded Galaxy Fries Land at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

There’s a brand new secret menu item at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe – Galaxy Loaded Fries! Only available through mobile order on the My Disney Experience app, the fries come loaded with some heat!

Secret Menu Galaxy Loaded Fries – $5.99

Loaded with bacon, pico relish, garlic ranch sauce, cheese sauce, and flaming hot cheese dust, the Galaxy Loaded Fries come in a portion size similar to the regular side of fries. The regular fries will run you $3.79, so these come at a $2.20 premium.

The flaming hot cheese dust translates to Flaming Hot Cheeto dust for those of us allowed to use the brand name. The flaming hot dust is the only part of the dish that contains any heat, so your tolerance of Flaming Hot Cheetos is really all you need to need to be concerned about.

Other than that, the pico relish was the main element that worked in contrast of the flaming hot dust, cooling it off nicely in each bite they were combined into. The garlic relish and cheese sauce worked well together, providing a more traditional “loaded fries” taste.

For $5.99, we think that the price reflects what you’d expect at Disney. The Galaxy Loaded Fries are a nice alternative to the plain fries. We really enjoyed the Galaxy Loaded Fries and can recommend them for your upcoming visit.

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