We made it out to Hollywood Studios today to check on a variety of projects going on around the park. One such project is the Tatooine Traders refurbishment. The refurbishment started back in early September, and should be wrapping up in the coming weeks. For now, about 90% of the Star Tours gift shop is out from behind walls. Here’s a look around.

The new look for the gift shop removes the movie set feel and theming, with only the largest rock theming elements remaining. In addition to the theming being removed, the merchandise location just got new lighting working this morning, brightening up the whole space.

As we first reported, the cash registers that were found on the right side of the store as you exited Star Tours have been removed.

The whole area is certainly more spacious than it was before. Outside of the location, there is construction being done on an area between Tatooine Traders and Grand Avenue. You can see it on the left side of the below image.

Here’s a peek at the work taking place on the other side of the walls. The first photo is taken from Grand Avenue, looking towards Tatooine Traders.

Here’s a reverse angle of the above image, looking back towards Grand Avenue. We’re not sure what the end goal of the area is, but it looks like a concrete pour is ready to take place.

The Tatooine Traders refurbishment is expected to be completed in early-to-mid November.

UPDATE (11/1): The last of the walls are now down at Tatooine Traders and work is wrapping up. There are still some sections of the store that have a bit of work left, but this appears to be close to the final look that we’ll see.


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