We made it out to Epcot recently to give you an updated look at the work taking place on World Showcase lagoon for the replacement show to Illuminations.

We’ll start with a wide view and with something that is a bit confusing. When standing perfectly “center” between the straight line between Spaceship Earth and The American Adventure, the newly constructed electrical endpoints in the lagoon are actually off center.

The new construction appears to favor the west side of the lagoon towards Canada and the United Kingdom. It’s worth noting that these platforms don’t appear to be movable. We saw pilings driven deep into the lagoon at the start of this project. We’re not sure why Disney wouldn’t center these show elements, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Now for a closer look at the construction itself. There are really two elements at play here, a new electrical substation on an island near the Japan Pavilion, and the endpoints out in the water. It looks like work has been completed on both elements as there were no construction elements visible on Word Showcase Lagoon. As you can see below, the electrical substation appears to be finished for now, with a green coat of paint and newly planted foliage.

As of right now, Disney hasn’t announced if this work is for the Epcot Forever interim show, or the long-term Illuminations replacement coming in 2020.

Keep checking back with us for more on this project as we keep an eye on the ever-changing Epcot.


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