Next Generation Buses With USB Charging and More Debut at Walt Disney World

    Well, just a couple of days after we speculated that new buses might be on the way for Walt Disney World, we’re now able to show you around one of the new buses that is available to guests. On our way to Magic Kingdom this morning, we were able to ride in one of the new buses from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom.

    The easiest way to spot the new generation bus is just to look for one that’s all white. The new buses are waiting to get the character wraps and with only three buses wrapped so far, Disney had to roll out the unwrapped ones for the busy Fourth of July holiday.

    For reference, here’s a look at one of the character wrapped buses that will debut soon.

    Let’s take a look around inside! On first glance, it looks very similar to the existing fleet. That’s because it’s the same 5200 series model that you might already see on the Walt Disney World roadways, but with a few upgrades. Note that these buses are so new that there wasn’t even time to install the usual advertising in the headspace, completely clean. Also new are the woodgrain vinyl floors. They are similar to the premium vinyl found in some of the upgraded hotel rooms around property and are built for high traffic scenarios.

    So what are the upgrades? More comfortable seats can be found, and there is USB charging between every other seat. That means everyone on the bus can charge their phone after a long day at the parks.

    Not yet activated on the buses is the rumored Wi-Fi upgrades. We still call it rumored because it is yet to be officially announced. We’ve connected to the Wi-Fi during a brief test and talked to multiple bus drivers who say Wi-Fi is coming, it’s just not ready to be activated yet.

    Transportation Cast Members that we spoke with said that Disney decided to roll out the new buses before they were completed in an effort to not rely on third-party buses during the busy holiday period as they have in years past.

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