A pathway in Future World east will close on August 12th in support of the Future World overhaul project set to be announced at this year’s D23 Expo later this month. We first spotted some fencing installed for the closure in our extensive Future World construction post just two days ago. Some of the walkway to be closed can be seen to the right in the photo below, although it is worth noting that the restrooms in the white building will stay open during the work.

The work to take place will be similar in nature to the pathway widening taking place in Future World west right now, as seen below. Of course, Future World west is also seeing the installation of the 2019 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival booths, which probably makes the work look more expansive here than what we’ll see in the Future World east pathway widening.

As part of the work taking place in Future World east, the family playground that we first reported would be extended past the 2018 Food and Wine Festival will once again make it past a seemingly insurmountable hurdle with the closure of the pathway that acts as the main entrance. Instead, a new side entrance will be constructed that will be right next to the doors to Mouse Gear as seen in the photo below.

Finally, here’s a look at the area to be closed. The northernmost walkway will be closed on August 12th, while the southern section of the pathway will be closed on August 15th. While this hasn’t officially been linked to the upcoming Future World overhaul project, we do know that there are a lot more construction walls coming to Future World once several locations close beginning in September.


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