Shade has returned to the Haunted Mansion exterior queue…and with a new look! We’ll also examine some nearby roof refurbishment as part of this update.

We’ll start with a view from across the Rivers of America so you can see the new color scheme that appears to be inspired by the dark green, light green found on the Cast Member costumes at the attraction.

Here’s another view of the new color scheme as well as a look at the Cast Member costume with a similar pattern. Is it meant to be the same? Let us know what you think!

The return of this portion of the queue awning will surely be welcomed by everyone enjoying Magic Kingdom this summer.

We’ll revisit the photo taken across the Rivers of America to illustrate that the awning replacement is, so far, limited to the first quarter or so of the queue. You can see where it returns to the old, solid green on the left of the image below.

Also taking place is a roof refurbishment on a portion of a structure that is sometimes used as an overflow part of the queue. The brown roof in the photo below has had the shingles removed.

As always, keep checking back with us here at for the latest on this project and many more projects from around the Disney Parks!


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