Hurricane Dorian is on its way with the latest projected path making landfall on the east coast of Florida and then making its way up to central Florida. With that in mind, construction crews and cast members have already begun making the necessary preparations to the projects that have been taking shape around Magic Kingdom as well as any areas of concern. We have seen preparations like this before. When Hurricane Irma came in 2017, crews had to prepare Grand Ave in Disney’s Hollywood Studios by taking down fencing tarps and adding sandbags. The most notable projects that are undergoing these preparations include Tron Lightcycle Run, the overhaul at the Magic Kingdom entrance, and the Liberty Square Marketplace.

We’ll continue to update this post in the coming days with any further preparations or changes to Magic Kingdom, so make sure you check back with us often!

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Tron Lightcycle Run

We can see that the tarp that covered the chain fence has been removed. Also removed is the show scene element that we gave you a first look at a few days ago.

Storybook Circus

Liberty Square Market

Keep checking back with us here at for more on the impact that Hurricane Dorian will have on Walt Disney World as the storm looks to make landfall early next week.


  1. What about the safety of the employees? Will you close the park? What are your safety measures for employees that live on the Disney property?

    • I don’t think the owner of the site works for Disney in any capacity. So he probably has no idea. But I’m sure that Disney takes the safety of their Cast Members as seriously as they do that of their guests. I’m sure there are plenty of contingencies and emergency plans in place in case of a worst-case scenario.

      • Sami is right, this blog doesn’t own Disney World. Also, the resorts are specifically built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, not probably a lot of safer places to hang out right now.

  2. Cast members get out into rooms at the resort that they are on the ride out crew. The other cast members go home. If it gets really bad then Disney World will close the parks to guests and cast members. They have closed for hurricanes before.

  3. Sorry auto correct screwed up my post. The resorts that the ride out crews work in, get rooms to sleep in while they are there during the hurricane. They are not made to drive home.


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