Wi-Fi Added to Disney Buses at Walt Disney World

Free Wi-Fi has just been added to Disney buses at Walt Disney World. The rollout took a little bit longer than originally planned, but the addition of Wi-Fi to the buses today confirms a rumor that we exclusively reported to you in May. We found the Wi-Fi added to resort buses at the Hollywood Studios bus station this afternoon and decided to hop on board to see how it stacks up!

The Wi-Fi is a different network than the existing in-park or resort Wi-Fi. This means that your phone likely won’t automatically connect and that you might have to search for the network to continue browsing from the parks if you’re relying on Wi-Fi only. To connect, look for the “Disney Transport Guest” network, which should be open and available for browsing.

To find the buses with Wi-Fi enabled, look for the Wi-Fi symbol near the front door of the bus.

You should be able to connect and browse. As a matter of fact, we wrote this whole story, including photo uploads and social media posts from the bus Wi-Fi! The speeds aren’t great, but it should suffice to continue your internet usage. One thing we did notice is that iMessage texts failed to send the entire time we were connected to the network. Hopefully that’s simply a configuration issue that can be worked out.

In additon to general internet usage, we ran some speed tests and they were inconsistent. That said, the real world usage seemed to be sufficient considering we were traveling by bus. The internet connection seems to be geared more for consumption than uploads.

Overall, Wi-Fi enabled buses at Walt Disney World should be a welcome upgrade to your vacation. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi isn’t the only upgrade we’ve seen to the buses, with select buses now outfitted with USB chargers and new interiors!

As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest from around the Disney Parks!

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