Widespread Issues Reported with Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups This Morning

Guests who did their homework and arrived early for a 6am opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were met with issues when trying to secure their boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance this morning.

According to multiple reports, guests were not asked to use their fingerprint to enter the park, simply scanning their park entrance media, be it MagicBand or card. It’s worth noting that a fingerprint scan can be bypassed in times of large crowds to simply get guests into the park quicker. It’s not a common occurrence, and something that we don’t think Disney has tried before at Disney’s Hollywood Studios rope drop since Rise of the Resistance opened earlier this month. While it’s unclear if the lack of a registered fingerprint upon park entry led to the problems or not, many guests found that the My Disney Experience app did not recognize them as being in the park. If the app doesn’t recognize you as being in the park, you won’t be able to secure a Boarding Group. Thankfully, Disney has plenty of Guest Experience Team Cast Members stationed along Hollywood Boulevard and strategically throughout the park. It’s these Cast Members (in a blue shirt or jacket) that Disney recommends you speak with if you’re having troubles with the Boarding Group process. Unfortunately, these Cast Members were swamped with guests due to the amount of guests experiencing issues this morning. Many guests were put into later boarding groups than they otherwise would have if they could just use the My Disney Experience app.

Hopefully Disney makes a software or operational change tomorrow morning to prevent the frustrations encountered this morning.

If you want to ride Rise of the Resistance without waiting, check out our full experience 4K POV below!

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  1. My family and I did not scan fingerprints yesterday (12/25) and it worked flawlessly for us and I did not notice any issues with other guests.

  2. Ug, it was super frustrating. One out of 4 members recognized. After several minutes of trying he was booked by himself as group 36. We then had to wait in line for several minutes for the rest of us to be group 68, and then wait in line again to have the two groups combined. Of course they moved us to the later one, which was called around 1. That said the ride was awesome.


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