FIRST LOOK: Golden Accents and Blue Paint Arrive In Fantasyland for Cinderella Castle Royal Makeover at Magic Kingdom

It may be a gloomy day here in Orlando, but some new, shiny gold was impossible for us to miss!

While visiting Magic Kingdom today, we noticed that Disney has begun to transform the rooftop of Castle Couture with the same golden accents and royal blue roof that we expect to see added to Cinderella Castle in the coming weeks.

As you can see in the photos below, a darker blue color scheme is being tested on the roof along with new, brighter golden accents for the toppers.

This is the first look that we’re getting of the changes coming to nearby Cinderella Castle in the coming weeks. It looks like Disney is taking advantage of the fact that Castle Couture and Cinderella Castle share the same color scheme. By starting in a more obscure place, Disney gets a live test before applying the same colors to Cinderella Castle.

We start on Main Street USA and a “baseline” photo of Cinderella Castle for us to white balance off of given the gloomy conditions. At least no shadows! As a side bar, keeping a consistent white balance throughout the project will be tough given the sometimes very colorful Florida skies, but we’re committed to providing you the best photos possible of the project as it looks to guests visiting the park.

Our first glimpse of the gold came near Casey’s Corner.

Here’s an overview of the Castle Couture project.

As you can see, there is a noticeable difference in not only the roof colors, but some of the golden accents. Here’s a look around at some of the bright new gold accents as they sit next to some of the tarnished old gold.

To compare, here’s a look at some of the tarnished gold that can be found on Cinderella Castle as of today.

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  1. Wow! What a difference! I’m actually excited about this change to the castle. The concept art actually looks stunning and your comparison photos showcase just how much this refresh is needed. I do hope that the castle doesn’t become hidden behind any scaffolding or scrims in the next few weeks though, because I’m there the first week of March and am looking forward to family photos in front of the castle. Thanks for this post!


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