Changes Coming to Previously Announced EPCOT World Celebration Festival Center

It’s been a busy day for EPCOT news, all kicked off by our story earlier about the removal of the Spaceship Earth overhaul and Mary Poppins scenes from The EPCOT Experience, a preview center for upcoming projects.

The story about the removal of Spaceship Earth and Mary Poppins spread like wildfire and the chatter eventually led to Disney offering an official statement, confirming our earlier reporting that Spaceship Earth and Mary Poppins are, in fact, postponed.

Now, the company has issued a statement saying that they will be “taking a different approach” to the previously announced Festival Center. Earlier this year, we broke down everything we knew at the time about the Festival Center. For a complete rundown, check out our post.

Disney said that work is set to resume for the new World Celebration neighborhood soon, but that there will be changes to the previously announced Festival Center. They didn’t say what changes would be made, and they didn’t say that it was cancelled outright. The photo above shows the model that used to be on display in The EPCOT Experience, but has since been removed. For detailed photos of the model, check out our earlier post.

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to keep an eye on the ever-changing landscape of projects and experiences coming to the Disney Parks.

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  1. Look at that… history repeating itself. Epcot always gets the shaft – been that way since day 1. No boat ride in Germany, no ride in Japan, missing lands, etc… as much as Disney changes this is one area that it sadly has remained the same.

  2. Epcot really needed the boost these new additions would have provided! I’m surprised the festival center is going way when you know they would charge an arm and a leg for special nighttime show dessert parties on the roof. Hopefully we’ll at least get some nice landscaping and not just a sea of concrete.Bummed about Spaceship Earth as well 🙁

  3. God, they really are just going to leave this park as an empty, gaping hole in the front and cover their mistake with a bunch of trees. This sucks.

    I had suspicions about the full overhaul plan ever actually coming to fruition before COVID, but now after the wrecking balls and bulldozers have come in I have to laugh. They delayed fixing that dead parking lot look of Future World for so long that they backed themselves into a corner of having to do it all at once, and now they’re just going to quit on it- despite reopening and cutting attractions left and right.

    Poor Epcot. It’s going to be such a sad shell for the next 10 years.

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