Disney World Monorail Safety Procedures and Social Distancing

This article is part of a series of articles designed to help you plan your upcoming vacation in light of new safety measures and protocols designed to keep guests safe while visiting Walt Disney World. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Walt Disney World Monorail social distancing and safety procedures.

The Disney World monorail system is one of the transportation options currently in use to bring guests to Magic Kingdom. As of publish time, the EPCOT monorail line is not running, and guests who want to visit EPCOT from the Magic Kingdom area resorts will need to utilize the bus system.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what it’s like to travel the Highway in the Sky with all-new social distancing procedures.

Before guests even get on the monorail, they are asked to stand on numbers in a holding area just outside of the station when the station is full. Each party is asked to stand on a number and stay together. 

The social distancing breaks down once the whole corral of guests is allowed to make their way up the ramp.

Once on the ramp, guests are once again socially distanced and asked to stand at stickers.

Guests are asked to then stand on a number and wait for the monorail to arrive. This number has nothing to do with the number you stood on in the holding corral. It’s just a way for Cast Members to direct you where to stand.

Inside the monorail there is a divider between one set of seats and the other. It’s important to note that your party may be grouped with another party on a single side of the monorail. Cast Members will ask that each party sits across from each other and doesn’t move for the duration of the trip.

For the return trip back to the Transportation and Ticket Center or the Resorts, parties may stand near each other, but not directly next to each other.

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