Rise of the Resistance Broken Elevator Effect (and More) Create Operational Nightmare at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In what could be described as a perfect storm, guests looking to confront the First Order today actually faced off against issues with the My Disney Experience app and a myriad of broken effects on Rise of the Resistance.

Rise of the Resistance, often described as Disney’s most ambitious attraction to date, could also be described as their biggest headache. From the immensely unpopular Boarding Group virtual queue system to uptime issues, Rise of the Resistance is single most difficult Walt Disney World attraction to experience.

Earlier today, widespread issues with the My Disney Experience app prevented many guests from making a Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Unrelated to the My Disney Experience app issues, Rise of the Resistance also didn’t open with the park. It took about 45 minutes for Cast Members to open the attraction to guests, but when the attraction opened, the line was moving at a snails pace. At first, we didn’t know why the line was moving so slowly, but it became apparent once we made it to the first pre-show room.

As you can see below, only a total of two parties (us and one other) were loaded into the pre-show, a precursor of the operational issues that would become evident once we made it to be sorted into the interrogation rooms.

Even with physical distancing, you would typically see two groups loaded into the interrogation rooms, one to fill each ride vehicle. Instead, only one party was loaded into each interrogation room.

Once it came time to load into the vehicle, there was only one escape vehicle. The reason for only one car operation today at Rise of the Resistance is because one of the two elevators in the AT-AT room is not being utilized. We understand that the issue isn’t with the elevator itself, but with the vehicle positioning system.

Essentially, the positioning system is having difficulties transmitting data to confirm vehicle positioning. So while the operation of the elevator would be completely safe, the failsafe kicked in and essentially one “pathway” out of the two pathways used by the ride vehicles is not in use.

So far, we have experienced issues with My Disney Experience, and now we learned that the attraction is operating at 50% of its already greatly reduced operating capacity as a result of physical distancing restrictions. Unfortunately, the issues didn’t end there. As you can see in our video below, multiple effects weren’t working and audio ques were missed, including that the Finn audio-animatronic wasn’t functioning and that Kylo Ren was, once again, in B-Mode. Also notable, was that extra ride vehicles were stationed throughout the attraction out of the ride path. It was the worst ride-through of Rise of the Resistance we’ve ever had, and we hope that Disney is able to come up with a solution for the attraction.

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  1. This was ridiculous today and they did not seem to care and was very easy to shrug it off and not willing to help anyone who had the chance to get a boarding pass but due to the systems working improperly. Guests who pay to be there should not have to lose out and be shrugged off by a company that gets millions of dollars a day. Very disappointed for the 2nd time in 1 week over this.

  2. Maybe those that have been on it more than twice should do something else and let those who only have one chance to experience it do so. …

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