Disneyland Has An Obligation to Reopen

    UPDATE: After this post was published, Disney announced that they will be opening up a portion of Disney California Adventure this holiday season. Our original article continues below.

    Disneyland isn’t allowed to reopen as a theme park until Orange County reaches the “minimal” tier of Governor Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy plan. While the criteria for each tier of the plan is finite and easily understood, predicting when a county might enter a lower tier is hard. A perfect COVID-19 scorecard for the county would allow for an early December reopening, but a more realistic assessment of the situation lead one Orange County health official to predict a summer 2021 reopening. With such uncertainty, it’s time for Disneyland to act instead of complain. It’s time for Disneyland to open without attractions.

    While Disneyland has made their frustrations about Newsom’s guidelines known at this point, they have an obligation to explore all options as it relates to saving jobs in a devastated industry and economy. If Disneyland remains closed for months, it will unavoidably lead to more layoffs than what was originally announced. When Disney announced that 28,000 Cast Members would be laid off at their theme parks, they did not have guidance about a Disneyland reopening. They were acting on what they knew at the time, and what their best guesses were. As it turns out, the California Governor went against Disneyland “despite our best efforts to advocate for a different outcome”, Disneyland President Ken Potrock said.

    Now, facing what the industry is calling the “Keep Theme Parks Closed Indefinitely” Plan, it’s time for Potrock, Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro and others to start working on a solution for their Cast Members and community. Enter, “Taste of Disneyland”.

    We think that Disneyland would be able to take the unprecedented step of opening up their front gate to guests without any attractions running. Maybe not the entire park, but enough to get Cast Members back to work, and get some of the gears of the economy turning again. Disneyland’s neighbor Knott’s Berry Farm has run multiple outdoor dining events since July 24, 2020. In a recent video conference, Universal Studios Hollywood President Karen Irwin said that the theme park is exploring the idea of a partial reopening with food and retail offerings. Disneyland should do the same. Again, it could just be Main Street USA and Buena Vista Street at first. Prove a workable park entry system and safe, physically distanced experiences. From there, maybe Disneyland could expand to other lands and experiences that are allowed in the current guidelines for restaurants and shopping experiences.

    Currently, Orange County is in the red “substantial” tier on Newsom’s blueprint plans. According to the plans, restaurants are able to operate at 25% capacity or 100 people, clothing stores can operate at 50% capacity, hotels can open with modifications, and more. When Orange County reaches the orange “moderate” tier, those capacity limitations increase.

    As we’ve heard time and again, Disneyland is confident in their ability to safely operate their theme parks, so any concerns about COVID-19 should be minimal, at least on Disneyland’s end. With safety concerns minimized, Disney can turn their attention to their next concern – Cast Member jobs. By opening the theme parks for a “Taste of Disneyland” event where guests are able to enjoy shops and dining, Disneyland will be able to get more Cast Members back to work, get the local economy moving, and share the magic and joy of Disneyland again – all listed as goals in a recent email from the Disneyland President to Cast Members.

    Perhaps Disneyland has already tipped their hand. In a recent email to Annual Passholders, Disney said that “the efforts to reopen Disneyland Resort will continue as we work to seek solutions to bring our Cast back to work, get our local economy moving and share the magic and joy of our theme parks once again”. Perhaps an announcement from Disneyland on a “Taste of” event that opens up the gates once again in on the horizon. In the meantime, Disney needs to come to grips that the State of California will continue to provide a difficult environment for them to reopen fully, but it is their obligation to reopen what they can and save as many Cast Member jobs as possible.

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    1. I disagree with you on reopening without attractions. They need to sue. If it can be done in other states without tracking cases, it can be done in California. It’s time they stood up for themselves and not letting Disneyland be used as political hostage.

    2. Its either all or nothing. 80% craft trades has been back to work since july working on preventative maintenance everyday keeping updates and circulating rides for safety, disney know theyre not going to make any profits any time soon but its about bringing back more workers in the parks and economy around it.

    3. Not one bad word about Newsom? How pathetic. That douche has cost many their livelihoods because he sees this as an opportunity to spread poverty. Typical left strategy. Claim they are the advocates of the poor then create policies to make more people poor… all so they can stay in power.

      Wake up. This is how they kept power in the USSR for generations.

    4. Lol, this is one of the funniest Disney Truther responses I’ve seen yet… the “Democrats want to spread poverty to maintain control” is a new one. There’s no grand conspiracy my dude, just a virus that no one can get a clear answer on because of intentional screwery at the federal level on hard data & that no one can get a handle on at a local level due to individual carelessness.

      People out in the line of service aren’t gristle for the economic whims of the wealthy and if there’s STILL no contact tracing/robust sick leave policy being implemented by federal or corporate entities, this circle is going to continue for a long while. You would think a global pandemic would get people to be a little compassionate and want to change the status quo for the working world of grinding people up in servitude of others, but I guess you got to get your churro on, right?

    5. Newsom needs to be recalled! Worst Governor in history!!! Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has been taken from many of us and basically held hostage for political reasons. This has nothing to do with COVID, it’s purely political. Disneyland needs to sue and open again! I will support Disney even if that means just dining and shopping. Let’s do this DL!

    6. I totally disagree. It is not up to DL to save the jobs and help the economy. That is the job of the government. Newsom needs to get out of the way and get the parks open. Either they can do it safely or they can’t. If I was DL brass I would have workers pulling up every board, rail, facade and getting out of there forever. Many states would be happy to move them on in.

    7. Yesterday was the second highest recorded number of daily new cases nationwide since the pandemic started! Yes… Let’s open Disneyland because we only care about ourselves and no one else! Yes! It’s all about ME… and not WE! (I hope you know I’m being sarcastic people.) you might want people to die in the name of Disney fun for YOU. But guess what?!? Disney doesn’t agree with you. Imagine that?!?

    8. I don’t see why Disney doesn’t just say screw Newsom and reopen on whatever terms they deem appropriate. They will have millions of fans right there opening day to support them!

      Besides, what can Newsom truly do about it? They have their own utilities (power, trash, recycling) operation on site, they don’t (as far as I know) receive government funding like counties who have had that held over them to force compliance, they have their own medical services, and their own private security. Heck, they even have their own currency! Perhaps they should consider taking the necessary steps to declare the Disney parks a sovereign nation. 😁

      While I would be really sad about a partial re-opening, a shopping and dining experience, or a holiday tribute still sounds like a lot of fun and I would go just to show my support, even if it means getting less than the full Disney experience. I’m sure whatever they opt to do will still be a magical experience. I can imagine dining under the stars, while enjoying an amazing fireworks display or cast member serenade, or perhaps even a parade! 😍

    9. Ronald you have got to be the stupidest person alive it’s not about going to Disneyland to get a churro it’s about businesses recovering and not closing and the economy to be reopening and business is not to lose their livelihoods people not to lose their houses their income their way of life enough has been taken from us and needs to stop. We need to fight back enough is enough

    10. Disneyland needs to do something radical against Newsom and the Democrats that want to keep the state closed down. They don’t realize how much they’re hurting people just to fulfill their political agenda. Obviously Newsom and the Democrats don’t really care about the people they only care on what they need to do next against Trump. People and companies are leaving California because of the Democrats stupidity and their high taxes supposedly to fix the roads and the roads are not fix. Recall newsom and make California great again. Vote Republican.

    11. Disney just needs to up sticks and leave California. They are being held to ransom all the time.
      Call the governors bluff and close down the whole of Disneyland for good… I know, I know it won’t happen but maybe that’s what’s needed.

    12. 83,000 new infections in the US today, highest single daily toll. Not only is Disneyland not going to open anytime soon, we’re all looking down the barrel of another city and state wide lockdown.

    13. These governors have way too much power. The state senate is failing to do its job by allowing Newson to get away with this.

    14. I sure hope that Disneyland gets opened up again either this summer or this spring 😃☺️🤠😸🙂❤️💙💞😻💕💘💗💟❤️💙💕💘💗💟❤️💙💜😁😊🤣😅 and that the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Royal Hall 😊😁😀☺️😍❤️💙💜 becomes available at the same time because I know someone who has two daughters and they look like they would make excellent Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique customers and the kind of girls who would like to get a hug from Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella 😍🤩☺️🤠😸🙂😃🙂❤️💙💕💘💗💟❤️💙💜😂🤣😅 in the Royal Hall 😊😁😀☺️🤠😸🙂😃🙂❤️💙💕💘💗💟❤️💙💜.

    15. I’m curious what you think the political gain is in shutting down the worlds fourth largest economy is? You Q folks need to apply just a single critical thought to your conspiracies before running your mouths in a public forum. Nearly 300,000 Americans have DIED because this country isn’t taking this seriously enough. This piece and these comments reek of willful ignorance to the reality of this virus. We’re not where we are because of China, or Gavin Newsome. We’re here because of a failure to prepare at the highest levels of our government. If you want to blame anyone for Disney being shut down, you need to look to Washington and you need to look at the White House and the Senate.

    16. Well said. I would add that DLR could reopen in other populous CA continues because those counties aren’t full of science deniers & anti-maskers. OC citizens are to blame not CA.

    17. Perhaps if people could follow basic health guidelines in a serious manner, we could move on from this whole thing a lot quicker- businesses could reopen sooner. This is a national public health problem, and perhaps if there were national response plan of controlling the virus, it wouldn’t be left up to the states with varying degrees of how they are handling it. But if you want things to reopen, do your part and follow the guidelines. The very things you are worried about the economy can be reverted by following the guidelines to lessen the tier. Working united to battle this virus is patriotic.

    18. This!! The damn sheriff of OC said he wouldn’t enforce a mask requirement. Anaheim and Santa Ana are still out of control with the virus. Disney can’t reopen because OC govt did nothing and the people that tried to do something had to resign because they were getting death threats. I am sure they could do it somehow, but they need to cooperation of the county and cities to get it done, and frankly, keeping DL closed might be the only way to force the county to take a proactive route.

    19. Why does it matter what orange county’s numbers are. It’s so stupid. Most of the people will be coming from outside the county. Just another stupid rule by Newsom. I am done with Cal. Born here but it is the worst tax state, and this wealth tax there trying to do is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of. The homeless problem never is fixed and I am moving out of here. I love it here but the leaders are the worst of any state. It is disgusting.

    20. Grow up! This is a pandemic. Oh so sad that you can’t go to Disney. Please. It’s difficult to read these pathetic posts because it demonstrates the selfishness of those that just don’t get the seriousness of this virus.

    21. Oh brother…🤦
      Most of the comments here are saying it’s someone’s fault…there will be a blame game forever on this one.
      Back and forth, back and forth.
      Emotions are extreme in this time of our lives…people are angry, fed up, scared, exhausted, worried… everything!!
      Hold on to your hats everybody because even though we’ve been through a lot this year, we’re still on this roller coaster.
      Let’s understand the adrenaline rush is temporary, take a deep breath…and ride this out.
      Permanecer sentados por favor

    22. Disneyland has an obligation to explore options because the employees are dependent on for work…? What?

      Newsom shut it down and the state is obligated to reopen it.

      Lockdowns dont work (see Europe and California which has the highest cases in the world) and they cause depression, addiction, and suicide. Disneyland isn’t “obligated” to do anything here other than sue.

    23. You are all welcome to come to Arizona but please leave your politics behind when you cross stage lines.

    24. Let them open to some extent. This is getting insane. This governor needs to stop running for president while being governor or quit and wait till he can run for President because he is destroying the economy of this state. If Wyoming state Fair can have a fair using vendors and staff from California, Oregon, and elsewhere and have no impact to their clovid numbers there is a way for Disney to open at least partially to prove they can do same thing. I know some say wait til the virus is gone but viruses live for 15years when we let them run completely through populations and vaccines that are effective can take 5-8 years to develop. If we can’t try ways to restart this economy we will all be living on government assistance and very few of us will ever be able to secure money to start any business up again. An economy is an ecosystem kill one part of it completely you destroy many other parts also that won’t ever be able to come back. If we continue to stay closed even if a vaccine is created this state may not have the money to buy and as people keep losing their health insurance because of job loss at some point we will not have the money to take care of the sick anyway so we have to wake up and stop acting like this state has an unending supply of money. We have to find reasonable ways as Disney is suggesting to make this situation work the best it can for all of us.

    Comments are closed.

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