Tourist Arrested for Ditching Gun in Plants Near Magic Kingdom Security, Blames 6 Year Old Child

According to a report from the Orlando Sentinel, a tourist has been arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm at Disney World. The report says that the tourist is accused of ditching the gun in a planter near the Magic Kingdom security checkpoint, but blamed her 6-year-old son for putting it there, telling deputies that the 6-year-old was supposed to be watching the gun.

The incident unfolded when an AdventHealth employee performing a temperature check saw the tourist leave something behind the planters before heading to the security check.

A 9mm loaded gun with 10 bullets was found in a pink purse. The tourist, who didn’t have a concealed carry permit, was arrested on a “Carrying a Concealed Firearm” charge, and banned from Walt Disney World property which doesn’t allow guns at their theme parks regardless of possession of a concealed carry permit.

The tourist said it was her 6-year-old son’s responsibility to watch the handgun while she went to go get her brother to take the gun back to the car.

In July, a tourist was stopped from bringing two guns into EPCOT.

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