CDC Could Reduce Physical Distancing Guidelines to 3 Feet Soon

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently reviewing a new study that could reduce the physical distancing requirement from the current 6 foot recommendation to a 3 foot recommendation.

A study out of Massachusetts is under review by the CDC that concludes that there is “no significant difference” in 3 foot physical distancing versus 6 foot social distancing. The study says that the change in physical distancing is dependent on other mitigation measures such as universal masking – a rule within the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Dr. Fauci said that the CDC is even doing studies of their own on the minimum effective physical distancing requirements to operate businesses and more in a safe manner. Dr. Fauci hinted that a decision could come from the CDC soon, saying that “it won’t be very long, I promise you”.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has often quoted the CDC guidelines of 6 feet of physical distancing space as a guiding principal of Disney’s capacity restrictions within their theme parks. It would stand to reason that a halving of the physical distancing recommendations could potentially double the maximum capacity within the Walt Disney World theme parks – a move that would effectively return the parks to a normal operating status when considering our in-depth article about capacity and attendance within the theme parks:

As of publish time, the CDC recommendations remain set at 6 feet and Disney has not announced any changes to their safety protocols such as theme park capacity limits and 6 foot physical distancing requirements.

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