Police Reports Point to Abuse of Cast Members Attempting to Enforce COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Disney World

    A concerning report from the Orlando Sentinel’s Gabrielle Russon outlines the difficulties that Cast Members face on a daily basis trying to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols at Walt Disney World.

    The article from Russon cites police reports filed where Cast Members are abused by guests while attempting to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols put in place by Disney. Of course, there are millions of guests who visit Walt Disney World and abide by the safety protocols, but multiple police reports and Cast Member interviews show just how difficult the job of enforcing basic safety measures during a global pandemic really can be.

    The report outlines incidents where Cast Members have been spit on, pushed, yelled at, and even an altercation where a guest was asked to wear a mask, grew irate, and grabbed a gun from an Orange County Sherriff deputy’s gun.

    While Disney has created a specialized group of Cast Members with the specific task of enforcing safety protocols, every Cast Member is expected to remind guests who fall out of compliance of Disney’s safety protocols.

    COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing a mask or maintaining physical distancing are in place for a reason. Disney World has been able to operate since July and tens of thousands of Cast Members have been able to return to work as a result of safety protocols that have allowed the theme park to operate.

    Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that Disney expects to remove the mask mandate and physical distancing in 2022, but that protocols will likely remain in place through the end of the year.

    In our own visits to Walt Disney World, we have observed multiple incidents of guests either willfully ignoring Cast Member instructions or worse, yelling at Cast Members and demeaning them.

    It’s simple – wear a mask, Disney requires it.

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