Monorail Orange Loses Power, Stranded Guests Remove Windows in Midday Heat

According to a video posted to YouTube by TheCapsTV, Monorail Orange lost power around 1:15pm yesterday, August 18. In the video, we can see that the monorail, which was operating on the express line between the Transportation and Ticket Center and Magic Kingdom, barely made it out of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to the stranded monorail, and started to extend their ladder before the monorail was able to be towed away by a specialized vehicle that Disney uses to tow stranded monorails.

In the video, we can hear that guests are instructed to take out the windows and place them inside the cabin. The windows are removable for emergency situations, and with a recorded temperature of 95 degrees, a powerless monorail certainly qualified. When the monorail loses power, it also loses any air conditioning ability, which allows the temperature to climb to an unsafe level that required emergency services to respond.

Eventually, the monorail was able to be towed to the Magic Kingdom monorail station where guests were able to disembark.

It’s unclear what caused the monorail to lose power, but instead of purchasing a new fleet, Disney opted to perform a full refresh of the so-called “duct tape monorails“.

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  1. It’s a shame they spend so much money and yet can’t buy new monorail trains. Even at 1 a year would be better then these 1996 trains. Yet they spent millions on a gondola system. The fact is that monorail don’t bring in revenue so they don’t spend money on it.

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