Disney Modifies Trash Cans at Cosmic Rewind Exit to Further Assist With Motion Sickness Concerns

    Disney has made a change to the design of the trash cans at the exit to the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction at EPCOT. The design change removes the previously outward sloped design in favor of a level design. This is a small change, and one that we typically wouldn’t cover if it weren’t for the fact that motion sickness concerns are such a big deal with this ride. For tips on how to avoid motion sickness, check out our article below.

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Motion Sickness Tips and Tricks
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    Back to the recent changes. Disney is clearly still making operational adjustments to account for guests experiencing motion sickness. Back in mid-June, Disney doubled the amount of trash cans at the exit to the ride and added a bench in the unload area for guests who need to take a breather after riding Cosmic Rewind.

    As you can see in the file photos above, the trash cans still had the sloped tops that would cause issues for guests needing to immediately use one after getting off of the ride.

    Now, Disney has replaced the sloped lids with flat lids. While the change should help cleanup, the size of the hole in the top of the trash can doesn’t appear to be any larger than the previous lids.

    While concerns over motion sickness persist, Disney has not made noticeable adjustments to the ride profile, which still remains identical to what we experienced during previews and through opening day. The ride system is unique and might not be for everyone. That said, we do think that Disney could do a better job demonstrating the controlled spinning nature of the ride via a pre-ride video that gives guests a better idea of what they can expect during the ride.

    Until then, we recommend watching this video of early proof of concept testing to get a better idea of what you will experience while on the ride. Note that this track is not the track that you will experience during Cosmic Rewind, but the motion of the ride vehicle is similar.

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    1. I’m glad I went on it, but I will never ride it again. Serious motion sickness even with taking Dramamine. And my son needed to use that bench for a few minutes.

    2. What a shame Disney changed a ride everyone in the family could ride together, to one that only a few can ride without getting sick.

    3. I find all of this really interesting. My wife and I went around opening of the ride and she often gets motion sickness on flights, but experienced no motion sickness whatsoever when riding the Guardians ride. We rode it 3 separate times with no issues. I feel bad for those who experience motion sickness and I’m glad that they are reacting to feedback, but I feel like there are far less people that are experiencing this than some of these blogs are putting out there. It’s fairly easy to find a focus point on the ride through each phase and that helped my wife a bunch. I wonder if many people are trying to see “everything” and losing the focus points to the point where motion sickness is kicking in.

    4. Yeah I loved this ride and I’m not a big coaster fan. I mean I love riding all the Disney coasters but when it comes to the Universal coasters, I will only ride a few of those. I don’t like ones with the vertical drops or extreme g forces. Honestly I get dizzy riding the mad tea cups when my wife starts spinning the cup realy fast but I never got dizzy or sick on Guardians.

    5. We went on the ride twice in a day, had no problems whatsoever, saw no-one struggling after getting off the ride, including the two guys in front of us who admitted to being nervous and not usually liking any sort of thrill ride. So, I’m not saying no-one is getting motion sickness, but commenting that only a few can ride it without getting motion sickness is utter nonsense.

    6. Absolutely loved the ride, no motion sickness. However, the process they use “to funnel” guests to the waiting line LEAVES MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

    7. Can we talk about the biggest design flaw, though, which is forcing people to walk up and down stairs after going on it?? You KNOW it’s going to make people dizzy.

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