Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Park Reservation System is “Heresy” to Some Fans

    In a discussion with the Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Bob Chapek talked about the park reservation system that Disney has held on to after being a tool of the pandemic. Disney is currently being sued at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World over the system, but Chapek essentially dismissed criticisms of the system, noting that it creates a great guest experience. In the past, Chapek rightly notes that a “family from Seattle” could be turned away at the gate during some of the busiest times of the year because of high demand during holiday periods. Chapek notes that with the Disney Park Pass reservation system, guests visiting from all over now know if they will be able to get into the park.

    Chapek said that the reservation system is essentially the same system that hotels and airlines used due to their fixed capacity. Disney has set a fixed capacity of what it believes will result in a great guest experience and the park reservation system allows them to manage demand without turning guests away at the gates.

    Chapek said that the concept of the park reservation system is “heresy” to some fans, but notes that it’s “not only good business practice in terms of maximizing shareholder value, but more importantly, it protects the guest experience so that when you get into the park, you can have confidence it’s not going to be overcrowded”.

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    1. It’s been horribly crowded every time I’ve been there since the park reservation system was implemented!!! And you can’t pre-planned much anymore due to Genie+. This man is not facing reality!!!

      • Exactly!!!!! I thought a reservation system was meant to ‘decrease’ the crowds to a certain number where NO ONE would have to stand in line for more than One hour let alone two…….THE MAN has clearly never been in the average man’s circumstance which subsequently makes him thee biggest smuggest ignoramus EVER to do with Disneyland. Up his own rich a** and that’s all folks.

    2. Whatever the maximum is set to, it’s still way too high. It should be half of whatever it is, which would cut ride wait down, let cast members interact with customers more and make a more enjoyable vacation for everyone. Yeah, you will have to plan a vacation farther out but it will be worth it.

    3. I was at Disneyland on the 19th of October it was a Caifornia holiday. The place was over packed with people you could barely walk it was so packed
      They let doubled the reservations available because it was a holiday .but but didn’t double the Genie+ AVAILABILITY. We were only able to get on four rides all day. Because all the available times were taken already for the day and we payed $80.00 for Genie + that day The only thing that Disney cares about is money

    4. I am a Florida resident and a passholder….the prior “fast pass” system worked quite well, and the vast majority of folks I spoke to liked it. In contrast, Genie + is “borderline criminal” in comparison…….pay an additional fee, and you MIGHT get a ride or two that you like for “lightning lane”, but do it at 7 AM and hope for the best…………NO THANKS……….a giant hassle, pay extra money, and get far less….I guess this is the new motto…….to rake in as much as possible, while giving the customer less………..if it was not for the concert series at Epcot, I would probably not renew later this year……..Magic kingdom is always overcrowded, with very long wait times for everything. Ditto with Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios is not as bad, nor is Epcot, but the lack of fast pass wipes out some things……..Hollywood also closes some things quite early, and also some have been shut down……..whoever came up with Genie + should be unemployed, and I have not talked with a single person who likes it. As long as people continue to spend the money on it, it will remain.

    5. So implement the reservation system around Christmas and Easter. That’s the only time someone from Seattle is going to get turned away at the gate. I can’t tell you how many times my 12yr old has been to Disney. For a family 12 hours away, it’s an embarrassing number! If someone is looking to go to Orlando, I tell my friends to book a trip to Universal. Much easier and less stress. 🙄

      • Bob Cheaprick is a joke! My annual pass has No black – out dates or limitations to parks! That’s a serious breach of contract! He’s Not addressing the real reason for the lawsuits, just more misleading crap!

    6. I agree with JW. 2 – 3 hour waits for rides, can’t get food in less than 45 minutes. After paying for Genie plus you find out it isn’t any good for the ride you wanted. Bob Chapek is the worst CEO and doesn’t care about the Disney customers.

      • I totally agree with you. I hate that reservation system he created. I’ve been there recently and it’s still just as crowded even with the reservation system you can’t just go there anymore like it used to be he ruined Disney as far as I’m concerned you should be fired.

    7. They already regulated over crowding entry before the new system. He knows reservations ahead of time do nothing to add additional controls except there will be no walk ups but it was always up to them to let you in or not. So what he is saying is there is no more chance for them to decide on a bigger crowd based on walk-ups.

    8. We are cutting back our Disney vacation due to this system in part. Went in March 2022 and going back April 2023. We should be spending 4 days there at Disney, lucky if they get two now. As Universal Epic draws closer and if disney doesn’t change this and find someone to clean up around there and fix some things it’s not worth the amount they are asking for to get in. Breaks my heart but if it’s a business to them and nothing more then we will take business elsewhere.

    9. Let’s just be honest. The park reservation system allows Disney to pick which customers get to be in the park. In other words, a family from Seattle That comes once every 4 years and is willing to spend A few $1000 in the park Is way more important than a local that comes once a week and spends hardly nothing

    10. I ate on the floor yesterday. That about sums it up. I got a hot dog in magic Kingdom, there was nowhere to sit with a table inside or outside so i sat on the floor inside.

    11. As usual, Chapek missed the point of the lawsuit. The lawsuit is because the park reservation system means annual pass holders can only make park reservations for a few days at a time when they used to be able to go whenever they wanted to. If you have no blackout dates, Disney shouldn’t limit when you can go.

    12. I now officially hate Disneyland. I planned a trip for myself and two daughters for before they left for college. Getting a reservation and paying for a ticket was a lot of work. I was thinking at least it won’t be crowded as usual. Went on a Wed Sept. 14 in CA. It felt like a Saturday. Wasn’t aware of Genie plus. I felt like a second class citizen watching people who paid more cut in line all day. However, the worst part was that all the rides keep breaking. Indiana Jones and Pirates broke while we were on them. Matterhorn was closed, Rise of the Resistance broke a few times as did Space Mtn, while we were in line, and the Haunted Mansion broke. Several rides were brok off and on all day. Count me out. Won’t be back until I have grand babies. Disneyland is now officially a money grab. NO THANKS!!!!!

    13. So if we go back to the old ways are guest gonna behave themselves and stop taking their frustrations out on the cast members? If so then I’m down, either way it’s a lose/lose for employees. No one asked you to spend your life savings/retirement/kids college funds/grandparents inheritance at Disney. Spend it somewhere else so maybe the bigger wigs will finally take notice.

    14. Bought Genie + on Oct 19th. Rode 2 rides and one paid lightening lane all day. Never seen it that crowded and a horrible guest experience. Left upset, tired and hungry.

    15. My wife and I each have the inspire annual pass. $1600 each! There are days that we try to make a reservation but we are not allowed because they say it’s full. But yet I can go in and buy a day pass and they will let me in. How fair is that?

    16. Notice how Bob Chapek prioritizes the Disney shareholders over the actual Disney customers. This is just one reason to fire him among many others.

    17. “A great guest experience”?? I was at WDW from mid-Sept to mid-Oct with my family for what we hoped would be the vacation of our dreams. We saved up and started planning over 8 years ago. Every place we went – theme parks, Disney Springs, Typhoon Lagoon – all packed with people. Rides we really wanted to go on had wait times anywhere from 65 minutes up to 210 minutes! Unless our family of 4 wanted to pay another $60 per day (which we didn’t budget for), we couldn’t justify standing in 95 degree heat and humidity that long waiting for 1 ride. Instead of our dream vacation, this was the first Disney trip I’ve taken where I left disappointed.

      Seriously, Bob Chapek? How stupid do you think we are? I’m actually not against the reservation system – I do some merit to it – but you are using this as a way to promote Genie+ and get more money from the families that Walt was trying to cater to.

      There will have to be a lot of changes before this family even considers another Disney vacation, and that will likely have to start at the top. (If only Bob Iger would consider coming out of retirement….)

    18. Had a great time at Disney love the new Genie it help plan our 2 days.
      See people complain about how busy it is oh that’s Disney always been busy . People that aren’t happy about don’t go in must not be your happy place.

    19. Mr Chapek is not spending enough time in the parks. My last visit to Disneyland, the parks were so overloaded and impossible to walk through, we left shortly after 12 PM 2 days in a row. Rides all most rides had 50 minute wait time with some 120 minutes plus. Genie plus compounds the issue.

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