Oversight District Board Member Shocked by Disney World Lawsuit “I Have Loved Disney World…Magic Kingdom Is Wonderful”

    Just before the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board of Supervisors voted to sue Walt Disney World, Board member Ron Peri spoke about what it was like to be on the Board of Supervisors. Peri lamented that the media has portrayed the Board as “political individuals trying very hard to enforce an agenda this is not [their] own”. He said he was shocked that Disney World was suing the Board and Ron DeSantis.

    Peri offered some background on his involvement with the Board, noting that he got a phone call “about two months back” asking if he would like to serve on the Board. He said that prior to the call, he had never met Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but said that he felt that it was his “civic duty to help any way I could”. Peri explained that he was retired and enjoying “a lot of different things that are fun for me to do”. He didn’t need to take on the stress of the job.

    Despite his business acumen – 40 years running an international business and 10 years as a pastor – Peri said “nothing could have prepared me for this”. He categorically denied that he believes that tap water can turn people gay, saying that it was “a gross misrepresentation in the press”.

    He was shocked to learn that Disney World was suing him and other members after they voted to declare a development contract with Walt Disney World null and void.

    “Disney? Suing me? You’ve got to be kidding”, Peri said, after noting that he has never sued anyone and has never been sued.

    “I have loved Disney World. My kids have enjoyed it. The Magic Kingdom – it’s wonderful. I think there are so many positives”, Peri said.

    Peri isn’t the only Board member who enjoys Disney World despite their actions to undermine the operations of the theme park operator. Board Chair Michael Sasso was recently spotted visiting Magic Kingdom while in the midst of a battle with Disney World.

    Oversight District Board Member Michael Sasso Visits Magic Kingdom Amidst Battle With Disney World
    Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board member Michael Sasso visited Magic Kingdom recently while battling Disney World

    The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has a lawsuit filed against Walt Disney World while the members of the Board are among those named in the Disney v DeSantis lawsuit on the federal level.

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    1. Oh man, they would hate my idea;

      Disney is a business and has a right to not serve anyone they don’t want to so long as it does not discriminate on sexual orientation and color. However, considering that political parties have the power to help or hurt and, let’s face it, republicans here in Florida have hurt people with anti-humane laws, and have taken bribes and/or sided with insurance companies (DeSatan), I think Disney, using the reservation system, should ban every board member. Start with DeSantis and his family, then work their way down.

      You CAN NOT enjoy a theme park that you are ACTIVELY working on hurting because you support Ronny and his childish vendetta. It’s completely stupid and since they like playing stupid games, this would be their stupid prize.

      They should be thankful I’M not in power.

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