Preparations Underway for Test Track 3.0 Reimagining at EPCOT

    Today is the last day of operation for Test Track 2.0 at EPCOT, and crews are ready to get started on the reimagining. We don’t know how long Test Track will be closed, but we have a look at one of the interior scenes that will be reimagined during the downtime.

    Disney says that the new version of Test Track will reach back into its history, including drawing inspiration from the original World of Motion attraction, to create the next iteration of the ride.

    Disney World will also reimagine the exterior of the attraction, removing the canopy and creating a more sleek entrance for the ride. It is expected that the track layout will not change, but that’s not to say that there won’t be significant changes to the ride experience.

    Test Track is expected to remain a thrill ride when the new version debuts. It’s likely that the attraction will be closed for at least a year, if not longer as Disney makes upgrades to the vehicles and show scenes.

    Imagineers are ready to get started. The GM lounge reportedly closed a couple of days ago as part of the refurbishment, and large shipping crates are staged in the center of the high-speed loop at the attraction’s thrilling outdoor finale. While riding Test Track recently, we spotted the staged shipping crates.

    The shipping creates will reportedly hold the vehicles, perhaps for transport to be rebuilt. Crews will need to remove the vehicles from the ride building and vehicle barn to allow for the reimagining. Again, the track is expected to remain the same, but there is plenty of work to do inside.

    Here’s a look at the current iteration of Test Track vehicle. Concept art for Test Track 3.0 shows a much more sleek version of the vehicle, but still a 6-person, open-top car.

    Today is the final day of operation for Test Track 2.0.

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