The Donut Box Food Studio Review – 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts

    The 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts is underway, and as part of our coverage, we’re going to review the Food Studios. Here’s our The Donut Box Kitchen Review.

    The Donut Box is a new Food Studio and is located near Test Track.

    Vanilla Donut (NEW) – $5.50

    Vanilla Donut with Strawberry Sugar, Strawberry Ice Cream, Fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Gele (Color Stroll item)

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    The star of the show is this wonderful strawberry donut! A classic vanilla donut is fresh and so are the strawberries that accompany it. This dish is strawberry through and through and it is well-deserving of a 5-star status.

    Inside Out Donut (NEW) – $5

    Inside Out Donut: Vanilla Donut with Bavarian Cream

    Rating: 3 out of 5.

    This donut was a bit unique, with a chilled Bavarian cream under the exterior. The texture is perhaps a bit odd if you’re expecting a donut. Overall, the donut is simply fine when stacked up against the delicious strawberry donut above.

    Chocolate-Dipped Donut (NEW) – $5

    Chocolate-Dipped Donut with Black and Gold Sugar Sprinkles and Chocolate Buttercream

    Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

    A rich chocolate exterior and beautiful presentation was otherwise uninspired and as expected.


    • Quady Wines Electra Moscato Rosé, California – $5
    • Cold Fashion Coffee Cocktail – $10.50

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