Toy Story Land Guide and Tips

Welcome to Andy’s backyard! As an honorary toy, you shrink down to the size of a Green Army Man and explore roller coasters, midway games, and more in Toy Story Land. In our Toy Story Land guide, we will help you plan a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and navigate the attractions, dining, and shopping in Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Land guide - entrance sign
Toy Story Land guide

In Toy Story Land, guests shrink down to the size of a Green Army Man to become an “honorary toy” as they visit Andy’s backyard. Oversized toys and vibrant colors dominate the theming of the land, making it instantly recognizable as a Toy Story-themed area.

Kids of all ages will surely enjoy walking around a exploring Toy Story Land, although 2 out of the 3 attractions have minimum height requirements.


Toy Story Land has three attractions – Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania, and Alien Swirling Saucers. All three attractions shrink you down to the size of a toy and feature oversized props and classic games that will make you feel like a kid again!

Slinky Dog Dash

The Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster is a 2 minute roller coaster with a height requirement of 38″. The coaster features two launch zones, but no inversions. To learn more about Slinky Dog Dash, including wait times, FastPass+ information, photos and video, check out our Slinky Dog Dash ride page!

Toy Story Land guide - Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Mania

A classic midway 3D shooter ride awaits at Toy Story Mania. While this is the same fun attraction that has been in Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 2008, when Toy Story Land opened in 2018, Toy Story Mania received a new entrance and reworked queue. To learn more about Toy Story Mania, including wait times, FastPass+ information, and photos, check out our Toy Story Mania ride page!

Toy Story Land guide - Toy Story Mania

Alien Swirling Saucers

Alien Swirling Saucers joins Slinky Dog Dash as an all-new ride for Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This spinning whip-ride is more thrilling than meets the eye. Join the Little Green Men as they try to be picked by The Claaaw in Alien Swirling Saucers. To learn more about Alien Swirling Saucers, including wait times, FastPass+ information, and photos, check out our Alien Swirling Saucers ride page!

Toy Story Land guide - Alien Swirling Saucers


You can meet some of your favorite Toy Story characters while visiting Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Guests are able to meet Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story Land.

Buzz Lightyear – Buzz will typically meet at the front of the land. Depending on the length of the Slinky Dog Dash line, he will either meet to on the left of the pathway near the Woody statue, or on the right of the pathway.

Woody and Jessie – Woody and Jessie typically meet together in front of Toy Story Mania. For a little, Jessie met by herself over by Alien Swirling Saucers while Woody met with Bo Peep. Bo Peep has since been cut and Jessie moved back to meet with Woody.

Lines for characters can get up to an hour long during the middle of the day.


All this playing is making us hungry! Toy Story Land debuted with one quick-service restaurant but Andy is busy planning the addition of a table-service restaurant as well. Check out the Toy Story Land dining options below.

Woody’s Lunch Box

As the only dining option currently available, Woody’s Lunch Box is a popular spot to grab a bite to eat at all hours of the day.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

For those looking to spend a little more time dining in Toy Story Land, Disney is building a table-service restaurant called Roundup Rodeo BBQ!


Toy Story Land opened with no stores, and only two outdoor vending carts dedicated to merchandise.

Toy Story Land Toy Camper shopping cart
Toy Story Land dumpster shopping cart

In June 2019, Disney opened what they called at the time a pop-up shop. The shop is located at the exit to Toy Story Mania and is one of the most poorly themed shops in any Disney theme park, anywhere.

The store is impossible to miss, situated at the only exit to Toy Story Mania. As a matter of fact, we saw many guests entering the store, looking for either an on-ride photo or the exit. It seems to get a lot of foot traffic either by accident or, more seldomly, intentionally. If you want to visit the pop-up shop without having to first ride Toy Story Mania, you’re able to walk backwards up the exit to get to the shop.

Once inside, the space is sparsely themed, but does offer a wide variety of merchandise.

Toy Story photo-op wall

Touring Plan

Toy Story Land remains one of the most popular areas in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, even after the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Just like our plans for the individual rides, we recommend visiting the land in the first two hours of the day or the last two hours of the day. While we’ll have a more robust rope drop strategy when the parks reopen, the general idea is that Slinky Dog Dash is a must-do top priority.

1. Slinky Dog Dash

The line will get long here, easily getting to 60-90 minutes within 10-20 minutes or so of park opening. For some time in February, Disney tried a new rope drop procedure for Slinky Dog Dash that pre-filled the queue, but that seems to be a thing of the past right now. As it stands now, the rope drop line will be found at the entrance to Toy Story Land, with Cast Members asking you to stay to the right as you enter the land to form a queue for Slinky Dog Dash.

2. Alien Swirling Saucers

It’s a bit of personal preference on whether you hit Toy Story Mania next or Alien Swirling Saucers, but we like heading over to Alien Swirling Saucers due to lower actual capacity than Toy Story Mania. Of course, if you had a FastPass+ for Alien Swirling Saucers you’d head to Toy Story Mania first to take advantage of lower waits the earlier in the day you arrive.

3. Toy Story Mania

Leaving Toy Story Mania for last is more of a personal preference. It has an indoor queue that is arguably more themed and comfortable than Alien Swirling Saucers, so if we’re going to have to wait, it might as well be indoors.

Like we said earlier, we’ll put this plan to the test when the Disney theme parks reopen and report back.

Fun Facts

  • More than 400 toy blocks fill Andy’s backyard.
  • In Toy Story Land, Andy’s footprint is about 25 feet long or the equivalent of a size 240 shoe.
  • It would take a Green Army Man roughly 12 steps just to travel the length of one of Andy’s shoeprints.
  • You would need a backpack the size of a school bus to carry the Buzz and Woody figures that tower over Toy Story Land.
  • The weight of the Slinky Dog Dash track and support columns weighs almost as much as 125,000 gallons of milk.
  • Together Rex and the Jenga Tower are as tall as 7½ Green Army Men standing on top of one another.
  • Tim Allen (voice of Woody) was present for the grand opening ceremony of Toy Story Land.
Toy Story Land guide

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