PHOTOS: Work continues on The Edison (12/19/2016)

Continuing our look at Disney Springs construction, let’s take a look at the current state of The Edison.

Largely a mass of scaffolding, we were able to spot some details, including the birth year of Walt Disney himself. The entrance below it says “Power & Light”.

A look at some of the different textures in use.

A look at it from the bridge that leads to the West Side. I think the bridge in the second and third pictures is just for construction, but time will tell.

A look at the back of the structure, from the Characters in Flight area. Looks like we’ll have a boardwalk for possible base level access. It’s rumored that at least a section of the first level of the structure could contain an area called the Neverland Tunnels.

A look at the outdoor seating alley between Paradiso 37 and The Edison.

A look from Paradiso 37 towards Characters in Flight. Notice the boardwalk on the right.

Finally, we take a wider look from the bridge near the Planet Hollywood Observatory towards STK (right) and The Edison (across bridge on left).

A structure of some sort being set up on the STK side of the West Side bridge nearest The Edison.

Disney is currently listing the opening date for The Edison as “Spring 2017”.


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