REVIEW: Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding Seasonal Dessert at Homecomin’

We made it out to Homecomin’ last night to enjoy our favorite Disney Springs restaurant and some of the cooler Fall temperatures gracing Central Florida right now. Homecomin’ is rolling out their seasonal offerings and first up this year is the Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

The dessert features whip cream, caramelized decoration, homemade vanilla bean ice cream which is sourced locally, and of course the pumpkin bread pudding. The whole dessert reminded me of the soft, warm bread pudding served at Ohana, but with a pumpkin flavoring perfect for the Fall season.

We shared the dessert among the four of us and it proved to be a large enough portion to satisfy all after an entree. For $12, the Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding warrants a visit to Homecomin’ if you find yourself in Disney Springs this Fall.

For a more complete review of Homecomin’ entrees, here’s our write up.

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